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Atma of the Savior
Information Needed
100% completion of all 9 zones
Atma Fabricant in Hero's zones for 2000 cruor
  • "Enhances all status effects"+:Superior (+30 all attributes - specifically STR, DEX, VIT, AGI, INT, MND, CHR. Does not boost attack, defense, or other status effects other than the natural gain from boosting the base attributes)
  • "Resistance to all status ailments"+:Superior (does not prevent aura status effects)
  • Occasionally absorbs damage taken. (10% absorb rate)

To unlock: obtain ALL 99 atma (only on NM), ALL 65 abyssites and complete ALL 87 quests in abyssea.
You can verify your progress at the Goal Tracker in each zone.

You must collect all cruor rewards from the Goal Tracker NPC's in each zone in order to unlock this Atma.
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