Atma of the Apocalypse

Atma of the Apocalypse
The crystalline agglomeration of
an Abyssean fiend's soul, said to
be the source of its otherworldly
Defeating Shinryu after red stagger Weakness Red has been triggered.
The Atma is awarded upon return to the lobby of Empyreal Paradox.

Triple Attack+: Superior (+15%)
"Quick Magic": (+10% Exclamation)

  • Quick Magic occasionally allows spells to cast instantaneously (similar to Spontaneity).
    • When Quick Magic Activates, it also creates no recast time, allowing the spell to be cast again immediately.


  • Auto-Reraise grants the effect of Reraise III automatically upon the death of the user.
    • Although all Atma effects will ordinarily transfer to pets, Auto-Reraise does not.
    • The Auto-Reraise effect is lost if you disconnect while dead inside Abyssea.
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