Atma of the Ace Angler.png

Atma of the Ace Angler
Fabricated from cruor and the
distilled memories of your
adventures, this crystalline mass
pulsates with energy.
Used In Quest(s):
Inside the Belly after turning in a silver shark and having obtained the title "Ace Angler".
Can be purchased from Atma Fabricants in Heroes of Abyssea areas for 1500 cruor. There may be several ways of making it available. See the Discussion page for details.

(HP below 25%) "Regen": Major (20/tick)
(HP below 25%) "Refresh": Superior
Resistance to status ailments+: Minor

The amount of HP used to calculate the below 25%
seems to be the amount of HP without any Abyssea boost effects.
Or possibly the real amount where this effect activates is at 15% below. Verification Needed