Atma Fabricant
Atma Fabricant
Atma Fabricant


"Your greatest accomplishments--those that make others stand in wonderment and admiration when you they hear your name. We summon forth the energies from the deepest recesses of your psyche, and infuse it into the cruor you carry."


Creates new "Synthetic Atma" by using your completed mission memories and some cruor.

Visions Synthetic Atma

Atma NameEffectsPrerequisite CompletedCruor Cost
Atma of the Beast KingAttack+:MinorVIT+:MinorEnhances "Beast Killer" Effect:MinorBehemoth or King Behemoth1000
Atma of the KirinAGI+:Major (+40)INT+:Major (+40)Magic Accuracy+:MajorKirin1200
Atma of Hell's GuardianEnhances "Zanshin" effect:Superior"Magic Atk. Bonus":Superior (+50)Enhances "Demon Killer" Effect:MinorPandemonium Warden1500
Atma of Luminous WingsSubtle Blow:SuperiorEnmity-:SuperiorOccasionally absorbs physical damageAbsolute Virtue1500
Atma of the Dragon Rider"Magic Atk. Bonus":MinorEnhances "Dragon Killer" Effect:Minor(Wyvern) HP+:SuperiorDefeat Fafnir, Ouryu (Not CoP version), Nidhogg, Tiamat, Jormungand, or Vrtra Exclamation1500
Atma of the ImpenetrableBreath Damage Taken-:MajorEnhances "Lizard Killer" effect:MinorRegen+:Major (15HP/tick)Adamantoise1000
Atma of Alpha and OmegaTriple Attack:MajorAttack:Major (+50)HP-:Major (-25%)Proto-Omega1500
Atma of the UltimateMP-:Superior (-25%)"Magic Atk. Bonus":SuperiorMagic Accuracy+:SuperiorProto-Ultima1500
Atma of the Hybrid BeastDouble Attack+:MinorTriple Attack+:MinorEnhances "Arcana Killer" Effect:MinorDefeat Cerberus, Khimaira, or HydraExclamation1200

Scars Synthetic Atma

Atma NameEffectsPrerequisite CompletedCruor Cost
Atma of the HeirMP+:Minor (+5%)Regain:Minor (+0.5 TP/tick)Light Trans LightAccuracy:MinorSan d'Oria Rank Missions1000
Atma of the HeroSTR+:Minor (+10)Critical Hit Damage:MinorRegen:Minor (5 HP/tick)Bastok Rank Missions1000
Atma of the Full MoonINT+:Minor (+10)"Magic Atk. Bonus"+:Minor (+10)Refresh:Minor (5 MP/tic)Windurst Rank Missions1000
Atma of IllusionsMND+:Minor (+10)Enhances Magic Burst:MinorDepending on Day: Enhances Elemental MagicZilart Missions1250
Atma of the BanisherMP+:Minor (+5%)Dark Trans DarkAttack:MinorDark Trans DarkAccuracy:MinorChains of Promathia Missions1500
Atma of the SellswordSTR+:Minor (+20)Magic Damage Reduction:MinorLight Trans LightAttack:MinorTreasures of Aht Urhgan Missions1750
Atma of a Future FabulousHaste+:MinorFast Cast+:Minor"Magic Def. Bonus":SuperiorWings of the Goddess Missions2000
Atma of CamaraderieStore TP+:MinorCure Cast Time-:MinorSong Recast Delay-:Minor (-10 sec)WotG San d'Oria Quests1200
Atma of the TruthseekerDEX+:Minor (+20)Trans Dark+:MajorWeapon Skill Accuracy+:MinorWotG Bastok Quests1200
Atma of the Azure SkyMP+:Minor (+5%)Magic Critical Hit Rate:Minor"Blood Pact" Ability Delay:MinorWotG Windurst Quests1200
Atma of EchoesVIT+:Minor (+20)Depending on day: Magic Accuracy+:MinorDepending on day:Elemental Weapon Skill Damage+:MinorA Crystalline Prophecy Missions1500
Atma of DreadMagic Evasion+:MinorTreasure Hunter+:Minor (+1)Samba Duration-:Minor (+10 sec)A Moogle Kupo d'Etat Missions1500
Atma of AmbitionRefresh+:Minor (5 MP/tick)Fast Cast+:Minor (+10%)ExclamationMovement Speed+:Major (+12.5%)ExclamationA Shantotto Ascension Missions1500

Heroes Synthetic Atma

Atma NameEffectsPrerequisite CompletedCruor Cost
Atma of the Dark DepthsAGI+:MinorEvasion+:MinorCritical Hit Rate+:Major (+20%)All 4 Salvage areas cleared1500
Atma of the ZenithHP+:Minor (+10%)MP+:Minor (+10%)Damage taken down:MinorNyzul Isle Investigation1200
Atma of Perfect AttendanceRegen:Minor (+10/tick)Refresh:Minor (+5/tick)Regain:Minor (+1/tick)Clear all 50 Assault missions1500
Atma of the RescuerMagic Defense Bonus+:MinorFast Cast:Major (+8-10)"Cure" Potency+:Minor (+4-5%)KeyItemHydra Corps Battle Standard from Dynamis Lord1500
Atma of NightmaresHaste+:Major (5%)Increases duration of Absorb spellsMagic Evasion+:MinorKeyItemDynamis - Tavnazia Sliver1000
Atma of the EinherjarSTR+:MinorMND+:MajorEnhances "Resist Death" Effect:SuperiorOdin's Chamber win1500
Atma of the IlluminatorVIT+:MinorEnhance "Dual Wield" effect:Minor(2H weapon equipped) Attack+:MajorComplete Fiat Lux1500
Atma of the BushinHP+:MajorMP+:MajorSave TP:MajorMaat's CapInformation
Atma of the Ace Angler(HP below 25%) Regen:Major(HP below 25%) Refresh:SuperiorResistance to status ailments+:MinorComplete The Rivalry or The Competition1500
Atma of the Master CrafterResist Stun+:MajorEnhances all status effects+:Minor (+10)Movement Speed+:MajorGuild Signboard1000
Atma of IngenuityHP-:MinorMP+:Major"Magic Attack Bonus":MinorAbyssea - Altepa InformationInformation
Atma of the Griffon's ClawGreat Sword skill+:Major (+10)Scythe skill+:Major (+10)(2H weapon equipped) Weapon Skill Damage+:MajorProof of the Lion and Altepa Dom. Ops 7, 8, 9, 101000
Atma of the Fetching Footpad"Magic Attack Bonus":MinorMagic Critical Hit Damage+:Major"Conserve MP+":SuperiorAltepa Dom. Ops 1, 2, 3, 13, 14Information
Atma of Undying LoyaltyCHR+:MinorAccuracy+:MajorMagic Accuracy+:MajorHelp Not Wanted + Dom. Ops 4, 5, 6, 11, & 12 @ Abyssea - Altepa.Information
Atma of the Royal LineageHP+:MinorAccuracy+:MinorIncreases Cruor Yield.Abyssea - Uleguerand InformationInformation
Atma of the Shattering Star(HP Below 25%) VIT+:Superior(HP Below 25%) AGI+:Superior(HP Below 25%) Regain:MajorLook Out BelowInformation
Atma of the Cobra CommanderDouble Attack+:Major(HP Above 50%) Slow+:Superior(HP Below 50%) Haste:SuperiorAbyssea - Uleguerand InformationInformation
Atma of Roaring LaughterSTR+:MajorEvasion-:MajorCounter+:MajorBoreal Blossoms, Imperial Espionage II and Uleg. Dom. Ops at VC#7Information
Atma of the Dark BladeHP+:SuperiorSTR+:MajorDamage Taken+:MajorAbyssea - Grauberg Information1200
Atma of the Ducal Guard(Guard) Damage Taken-:Major(HP Below 50%) Damage Taken-:Superior(HP Below 50%) Movement Speed-:SuperiorBrugaire's Ambition, The Egg Enthusiast and Grauberg Dom. Ops 1, 2, 3, 61000
Atma of Harmony"Cure" potency+:Minor (+10%)Enhancing Magic skill+:Major (+10)"Waltz" potency+:MinorHer Father's Legacy and Grauberg Dom. Ops 4, 5, 9, 10, 13, 14Information
Atma of RevelationsMP+:Minor(HP Below 50%) Refresh:Major(HP Below 50%) Fast Cast+:SuperiorAbyssea - Grauberg InformationInformation
Atma of the Savior"Enhances all status effects"+:Superior"Resistance to all status ailments"+:SuperiorOccasionally absorbs damage taken. 100% completion of all 9 zones2000
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