Atma (Status Effect).jpg Atma is a status effect. Once active, the Atma will bestow specific bonuses upon you (and your pet if applicable) for the duration of your stay in Abyssea.
The type and degree of these bonuses vary widely depending on the Atma activated; however, by player standards most of the bonuses are tremendously powerful, this goes the same for any Atmacite.

How to remove the effect

  • Leaving Abyssea.
    • Disconnecting does not remove any infused Atma.
  • Talk to an Atma Infusionist and select the "Purge Atma" option.

  • Leaving range of Voidwatcher status (50 yalms).
    • Disconnecting does not remove any infused Atmacite.
  • Talk to an Atmacite Refiner or a Planar Rift and choosing "Purge Atmacite" option.

How to activate an Atma's effect

Infusion by an Atma Infusionist for 100 Cruor

Infused by a Atmacite Refiner or at a Planar Rift for 100 Cruor.

  • A Periapt of Emergence is required for Atma infusions.
    • Possessing 2 Emergence allows you to infuse up to two different Atmacite.
  • Obtaining at least one Atmacite is required for the infusion.

How to obtain an Atma key item

Please refer to Weakness Targeting.

For a full list of Atma, please refer to Atma.
For a full list of Atmacite, please refer to Atmacite.