Start NPC Atelloune - Southern San d'Oria (L-6)
Items Needed Ladybug Wing
Repeatable No
Reward Trainee Gloves
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Seeing Spots None


  • Talk to Atelloune, standing near the fountain at (L-6) in Southern San d'Oria. She'll tell you about a letter she received that has her irritated. She'll ask you to bring back a Ladybug Wing in answer to her letter.
  • Trade a Ladybug Wing to Atelloune, which will give her a mild shock. For your reward, she tells you why there aren't any ladybugs in the present. She'll then give you the Trainee Gloves, and tell you to leave her to her work.

Game Description

Atelloune, Southern San d'Oria (L-6)
Help distressed Atelloune straighten out a young Elvaan brat by bringing her some ladybug wings that will blow his mind.
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