Job Ability

  • Orders the avatar to attack.
  • Obtained: Summoner Level 1
  • Recast Time: 10 sec
  • Duration: N/A


  • A Summoner's level 1 Job Ability which commands his/her current avatar to attack a target.
  • Max range for this ability is 17.5 yalms
  • This command will automatically be carried out by the avatar if the Summoner aggros or is at the top of an enemy's hate list and the avatar is not already assaulting something.
  • When the avatar automatically executes the command, the Summoner still receives enmity as if they had issued the command to the avatar (which is why the enemy will pursue the Summoner if the avatar is killed or Released).
  • When executed automatically, range for this ability is infinite. The avatar will pursue the enemy no matter how far it is, as long as the Summoner is at the top of the hate list.
  • Casting Healing Magic on a mage who just put an enemy to sleep may put the summoner at the top of the hate list, causing an idle avatar (or the next one to be summoned) to automatically Assault an enemy, waking it. Summoners in Dynamis must exercise caution regarding healing sleepers.

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Assault" <t>
  • /pet "Assault" <bt>
  • /pet "Assault" <stnpc>
  • /ja can be substituted for /pet as well.
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