Assai Nybaem


(may be intentional because he gives the stones for abyssea monsters in the main lands)

What is a Clear Abyssite?

While in possession of a Clear Abyssite, simply assume a resting position. This will cause it to react in various ways. Pertinent information can be seen by observing the magnitude of its vibration and the amount of light emitted.

  • No reaction: No Voidwalkers roam this area.
  • Slow vibration with no light: Voidwalkers have recently passed through this area and may soon return.
  • Slow vibration with gentle light: Voidwalkers are presently roaming this area.

From this point onwards, the magnitude of the vibration corresponds directly to the creatures strength. Based on this knowledge, its up to you whether you want to pursue it any further. The gentle glow of light can intensify to become a radiant beam pointing in the direction of a creature. Following the beam to its end will cause the invisible Voidwalker to cross over into this world and take form. This precise moment of encounter with an Abyssean dubs contact. These monsters demonstrate a degree of cunning and guile far beyond that seen in this world so consider yourself warned. As the beam of light emitted by the Clear Abyssite becomes a homing beacon--guiding you to a Voidwalker and it to you. Just know that not one but numerous Voidwalkers may roam the same area at any given time and the readings indicate on the creature nearest to you. You should check the readings regularly as sudden change in the light's direction could mean a different Voidwalker has wandered your way. They will only reveal themselves at the point of contact and seeking one to only be met with another is a scenario all adventurers want to avoid.

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