Ashen stratum abyssite

Ashen Stratum Abyssite
A dark gray geode shaped like a six-pointed star, carried by all who seek to participate in Voidwatch operations at planar rifts. Its exact properties far beyond layman comprehension, it is said to feed off the energies of slain Voidwalkers to take on heightened powers...
Speaking with Kieran at (I-8) in Norg.
    • Upon further investigation of this Voidwatch Tier, you need to speak with the NPCs Hildegard in Kazham and Gushing Spring in Rabao prior to speaking to Kieran in Norg or you will not get credit for any kills within this tier. The reason for this is that you must flag the Voidwatch quests with each NPC for them to count towards you Tier 1 abyssite.
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