«FFXI-Movie» 0110 - As Thick as Thieves

«FFXI-Movie» 0110 - As Thick as Thieves

«FFXI-Movie» As Thick as Thieves (Failure)

«FFXI-Movie» As Thick as Thieves (Failure)

Game Script

As Thick as Thieves - Windurst Woods
Nanaa Mihgo: The weapon you got... What's it like?

Nanaa Mihgo: Getting such a fine weapon for such a cakewalk job... It's almost like stealing!

Nanaa Mihgo: Ah, I've been looking for you. You know how we got those papers from the Tenshodo and delivered them individually?
Nanaa Mihgo: Did you check the signature you got from the Atarefaunet member before giving the papers to Vauderame?
Nanaa Mihgo: You know, the last signature on the signed envelope? It was a single letter. Did you see it?
Nanaa Mihgo: Ah! That's my little thief! ...So, what was the letter?

I ...don't know.

Nanaa Mihgo: Are you rrreally a thief? Un-be-liev-able!!
Nanaa Mihgo: Let me tell you, then. The signature you got was a "V."
Nanaa Mihgo: How do I know, you ask? I can tell what's written on a piece of paper just by touching it.
Nanaa Mihgo: But the prrroblem is, the initial you got doesn't match the initial of the member's name, rrright?
Nanaa Mihgo: The signature that I got didn't match either.
Nanaa Mihgo: This didin't happen to only you and me. I also asked Esca of San d'Oria and Nbu Latteh of Bastok, and it was the same with them.
Nanaa Mihgo: Doesn't all this seem just a little bit fishy? Doesn't it get your whiskers twitching?
Nanaa Mihgo: After that taks, I did some digging on Atarefaunet's band. It seems that the treasure from the last big heist they pulled off has yet to be found.
Nanaa Mihgo: The way I see it, those signatures were some sort of code. To contact the rrremaining members of Atarefaunet's band after all this time just doesn't make sense otherwise.
Nanaa Mihgo: Vauderame of the Tenshodo is searching for that treasure. So he threatens Atarefaunet's cutthroats, and collects the code letters...
Nanaa Mihgo: I'm gonna collect the signatures from the other six members. Will you help me?
Nanaa Mihgo: Okay, take these. I made copies of the Tenshodo envelope you rrreceived before. Use them in the same way to get signatures from those brrrigands.
Nanaa Mihgo: Huh? What should you say? I'm sure you'll think of something...
Nanaa Mihgo: The last obstacle is finding the members' hideouts... At the moment, we know the location of two of the bandits, so why don't you go pay them a visit?
Bopa Greso: We tailed them to their hideouts. Herrre, I wrote the locations down for you.
Cha Lebagta: If the top cat says something is fishy, you better believe it!
Nanaa Mihgo: First things first! Get ahold of those signatures. Oh, and by the way, don't even think of drrropping this little errand halfway through...

As Thick as Thieves - Sauromugue Champaign
Linzaza: Well, well. I didn'taru think anyone would climb all the way up here.

Linzaza: You're the third person to make it in twenty years. The second was here not that long ago. I mustaru say, I'm surprised.
Linzaza: Since you are a <race> who's much heavier than me, it was clever of you to remove your equipment before you started climbing.
Linzaza: So, what do you think of the view? As you know, the monsters around here are not very friendly-wiendly, and not many travelers choose to pass through this place.
Linzaza: It seemed like the perfectaru place for a hidey-hole. The tower is good shelter fromt he weather and is actually fairly livable.
Linzaza: ...You know, you look like a capable thief. Are you acquainted with the one who came to visitaru me before?

1st option : Yes.

Linzaza: ...That figures. You must've got directions from that one to find your way here. Young people today just can't keep their mouths shutaru...
Linzaza: So, what can I do for you? I'm not taking on apprentices. I don't do heists. And I've retired from the bloody world of brigands.
Linzaza: ...You wantaru me to sign this thing again?
Linzaza: What on Vana'diel for? You didn'taru lose the last one, did you? It's like I always say, you gotta think twice before leaving anything up to the young ones...
Linzaza: Well all rightaru then. Even though you're young, you look sharp enough not to lose it a second time, I suppose.
Linzaza: You're all done now, rightaru? ...Oh, and leave that grapnel with me. I don't need any more strange characters coming up to bother-wother me.

2nd option : Not that I know of.

Linzaza: Really? So how did you know to find me here?

Linzaza: ...I see.

Linzaza: The thief that came here before...

Linzaza: She didn't make it to the Tenshodo, did she?

Linzaza: Maybe I shouldn't have robbed her of everything she owned. It was my intention to teach her the importance of skills over equipment, but I guess it backfired on me...oops.

Linzaza: And so you've come to get my signature again, rightaru?

Linzaza: Okay, okay, don'taru get all antsy-wantsy.

Linzaza: Here you go. I'll let you leave as you are, so don't go losing those papers again, okay?

Linzaza: You're all done now, rightaru? ...Oh, and leave that grapnel with me. I don't need any more strange characters coming up to bother-wother me.

As Thick as Thieves - Dangruf Wadi
Saltvix: Hmph...

Saltvix: You think you smart 'cause you know what Saltvix likes?
Saltvix: Wait! Saltvix know you! You beat Sniggvix of Jeuno!
Saltvix: But you no match for Dangruf brothers! Let's roll!
Saltvix: Your roll...
Saltvix: You good...but not good enough to get hands on our regal die! You never beat Grasswix of North.

Grasswix: Grasswix no like you.
Grasswix: But Grasswix love this tasty food.
Grasswix: You beat Saltvix...
Grasswix: ...but Grasswix no lose! Ready?
Grasswix: Grasswix roll. Now you!
Grasswix: Dice choose winner. Dice choose you. You win now, but you never beat Eggblix of Cavern.

Eggblix: Crunch...crunch...slurp...slurrrp!
Eggblix: Gotta love those eggs! Best when they're raw, ya know!
Eggblix: Nothin' to say, huh? It was you who beat me little brothers, wasn't it?
Eggblix: If ya beat me, I'll tell ya all I know about our regal die. I promise!
Eggblix: Whenever you're ready.
Eggblix: Unbelievable! Lady Luck shines on you, she does! Maybe you have what it takes to get ours regal die.
Eggblix: To tell you the truth, I don't have ours regal die, me sister does. You can meet her at Drachenfall.
Eggblix: But beware! Me sister, she don't like nobody in her territory. Don't go snoopin' around in her private stuff.

As Thick as Thieves - North Gustaberg
Saltvix: took out our sister!

Grasswix: must pay!!
Eggblix: Wait, me brothers. Let this adventurer be.
Gambilox Wanderling: Yes... Eggblix is right...
Saltvix: Sis! You...all right!
Gambilox Wanderling: I'm fine now... I used to get joy out of slashing up adventurers.
Gambilox Wanderling: Watching them run, scream for their lives, stand up to me, then fall...all that was, well, fun.
Gambilox Wanderling: And the more fun I had, the more the regal die would smile down upon me...
Grasswix: ...
Eggblix: Gambilox used to always talk about people and beastmen livin' together peacefully...
Eggblix: Until she got her hands on that regal die. She turned all crazy, until they drove her out of the town she was livin' in.
Eggblix: I didn't want me sister to cause any more trouble...
Eggblix: I thought that an adventurer with luck and skills could free her from her bond.
Saltvix: So, brother make adventurer play dice with us?
Eggblix: Yeah, and I'm sorry I didn't tells you.
Eggblix: But now us four can get back to gamblin' and fishin' like we did before.
Saltvix: Saltvix like living here, but me miss the city life, too.
Grasswix: Grasswix love brothers! Grasswix love sister!
Grasswix: Grasswix, too...
Gambilox Wanderling: Thank you, brothers.
Gambilox Wanderling: And thank you, adventurer...
Gambilox Wanderling: Letting go of that die saved my life. Now, maybe I can return to Jeuno and start all over again...
Gambilox Wanderling: ...with him...

As Thick as Thieves - Lower Jeuno
Sniggnix: You got regal die. If you have that die, you win against Pauluart.

Sniggnix: If you lose, say "Smaller number wins."
Sniggnix: Wait outside. I go get Pauluart and come back.

Pauluart: You were looking for me?
Pauluart: You call yourself <Player>? I have no memory of that name. What do you want with me? ...You want my signature again? This is most irregular. How embarrassing for the Tenshodo to have to go over the same ground twice. Doesn't exactly inspire faith now, does it?
Pauluart: Nevertheless, I have been given this opportunity to be out here in the fresh air and speak with people after being cooped up inside for such a long time. Let's leave it up to this impartial die to decide whether this encounter was a fortunate one or not.
Pauluart: I see you are carrying dice as well. If you say you are here without guile, then roll the die. It will judge your innocence.
Pauluart: However... if the die judges you have evil intent, this knife will carry out your sentence...
Pauluart: You can't escape. You are now in the hands of Fate. Life. Death. Everything rests on the roll of the die.
Pauluart: If you beat my die, then victory is yours. Now, roll.

You roll the die and get a 396!

Pauluart: This is ominous. You appear to be quite the villain. Now it is my turn. Please hand me the die.

Pauluart rolls the die and gets 789!

Pauluart: Ahahaha! I win! Your die has judged you unworthy. Prepare to receive your sentence.

(Pauluart draws his knife, and you yell out "Smaller number wins!")

Pauluart: ...What? Huh? This die...
Pauluart: Regal die... ...Ah, this is... Sniggnix, you've been telling secrets again.
Pauluart: You win this time. I suppose I'll sign the papers for you. It's a shame, for I had hoped to feel the warmth of fresh blood again...
Pauluart: Please send my friends my regards. And to your friends also.

As Thick as Thieves - Windurst Woods
Nanaa Mihgo: Did you get those signatures? I have the last two rrright here.

Nanaa Mihgo:Okay, eight letters... Let's put them togeather... V,Z,A,N,A,T,A,I...
Nanaa Mihgo:Hmm... If I put this here... Umm...
Nanaa Mihgo: Huh? You still here? Here, take your loot and scoot. I'll let you know when i figure this out. Come and see me later.
Obtained: Rogue's Bonnet.

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