Start NPC Hadahda - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (F-10), 2nd Floor
Items Needed Bowl of Sutlac (given at end of quest)
Repeatable No
Reward Imperial Bronze Piece


  • Talk to Hadahda upstairs for a cutscene.
  • Collect letters:
    • T - (F-8) Zabahf, Balhran Way, standing next to a pillar
    • U - (F-5) Mathlouq, In the Alchemist's Guild
    • A - (H-6) Ekhu Pesshyadha, Port Ephramad, waters edge west of desk
    • D - (I-5) Balakaf, Port Ephramad, east of desk, upper floor
    • D - (H-9) Matifa, Serpentking Square, little girl at corner of fountain
    • M - (J-8) Mhasbaf, Way of the Devout, west side, upper floor
    • A - (K-12) Qutiba, In the Shararat Teahouse
  • Talk to Hadahda again for another cutscene.
  • You can choose to trade the Bowl of Sutlac to Hadahda for an Imperial Bronze Piece.

Game Description

Hadahda (Stoneserpent Square, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Hadahda wants you to collect pieces of paper with letters written on them. You are to bring him one each of M, U and T, and two each of A and D.
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