Gradually restores HP for party members within the area of effect.


Spell cost: None
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Singing Skill


Casting Time: 8 seconds
Recast Time: 24 seconds

Other Uses

Resale Price: ~1,101 gil

How to Obtain

Auction House Category: Scrolls > Songs ( )

Dropped by

Name Level Zone
Coastal Sahagin 62-72 Sea Serpent Grotto


Name Level Cap Zone
Like the Wind (Level 75, 15 minutes, 3 members) Boneyard Gully
Shell We Dance? (Level 75, 30 minutes, 12 members) Boneyard Gully

Items that affect this song

  • Ebony Harp - Increases HP recovered by 1HP/tick, for a total of 6HP/tick.
  • Ebony Harp +1 - Increases HP recovered by 2HP/tick, for a total of 7HP/tick.


  • 5HP / 3 seconds til the effect ends.
  • At BRD75, all Paeons will have received the 1 HP/tick boost.

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