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This is a leveling guide intended to be better than the in-game level recommendations for Monstrosity.

After I get all mobs up to 50, then Ill continue on past 50!

For those on Fenrir server, feel free to send me a tell if you have any questions, my nick is Arkitanx in-game!

Since the Japanese, in their infinite wisdom, finally took off the size restrictions, my guide will have to be changed to accomudate.

Any even match or tough mob

West Ronfaure |1-8-mostly any mob at start will be carrion worms and up.

La Theine Plateau |8-14-feed on crabs, sheep, bats and goblins in area. Beware Sheep NM.

Buburimu Peninsula |14-40 (Best to switch to belligerency to gain infamy past 10k)-Feed on mandragora, rabbits and the lowest tier goblins near outpost till 20ish, then work on Bull Dhalmels, higher tier goblins, and mainly Shoal Pugils as they are the strongest in the zone with the highest amount in zone. Level yourself to 40 so you can head straight for Xacarbard after this bridge.

Qufim Island 27-42 Feed on Gigas/Crabs until 30ish, then Gigas until 30ish, then leeches until 35!

Beaucedine Glacier 35-40 Tigers and low-tier Goblins up to 38, then golems and higher-tier goblins till 40ish!

Xarcabard |40-52 (Best to switch to belligerency to gain infamy past 10k) Start with skeletons and evil eyes till around 42, then move on to gigas and evil eyes till 46, then work on demons near the Uleguerand Range entrance till 52

Uleguerand Range |52-60+ (Best to switch to belligerency to gain infamy past 10k) Go to H-11 and start on Variable Hares till 54ish and then work on Esbats, Glacier Eaters and Variable Hares till 62. Then add Uleguerant Tigers and Buffalo to the kill list till 63 then add Polar Hares and Nival Raptors to the kill list till 66. Then add Brontotaurs, and Giant Buffalo to the kill list till 68. (Be sure to turn away from the Tauri when they start using Mortal Ray as it will still affect monipulators) Then add Doom Mages and Nightmare Bats to the kill list till 70.

The location at which monipulators spawn after either leaving the Feretory or retrying is randomly determined.