A Tarutaru male in full Argute Attire

Worn by Scholars, it shares the same basic style as its respective Artifact Armor set, the Scholar's Attire Set; but the color has changed from blue and brown to shades of grey, olive green, and red.

This is the +2 version of the Relic armor set, obtained by enhancing the Argute Attire Set through Trial of the Magians.

  • For the normal version, see Argute Attire Set.
  • For the +1 version, see Argute Attire +1 Set.
  • This set can be further augmented to obtain the Argute Attire (Augmented) +2 Set.
  • For a side by side comparison of the Argute sets visit Argute Sets Comparison.

Number of Pieces: 5 Cost to store: Cannot be stored!

Level Armor Piece
90 Argute Mortarboard +2 RareExclusive

[Head] All Races
DEF: 21 HP +17 MP +17 INT +7 MND +7
Elemental magic skill +9
Grimoire: Reduces spellcasting time
Lv. 90 SCH

90 Argute Gown +2 RareExclusive
[Body] All Races
49 HP +24 MP +24
Healing magic skill +9
Enhancing magic skill +9
Magic Defense Bonus +8

Enhances "Sublimation" effect
Lv. 90 SCH

90 Argute Bracers +2RareExclusive
[Hands] All Races
18 MP +28 INT +6 MND +6
Healing magic skill +9
Enfeebling magic skill +9
Enmity -5

Lv. 90 SCH

90 Argute Pants +2 RareExclusive
[Legs] All Races
35 HP +24 MP +24 INT +8
Elemental magic skill +9
Dark magic skill +9 Enmity -5
Lv. 90 SCH
90 Argute Loafers +2 RareExclusive

[Feet] All Races
17 MP +35 Healing magic skill +12
Enhances Fast Cast effect
Weather: Enhances Celerity and Alacrity effect
Lv. 90 SCH


Set Summary