Mission Name Arciela's Resolve
Number 4-5-4
Items Needed KeyItemSepulcher ensign
Repeatable No
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Sugarcoated Salvation Balamor's Ruse


  • Examine the Royal Sepulcher in Rala Waterways at (N-10) for a cutscene with Balamor and Arciela that ends this mission and begins the next mission.
    • Entering from Eastern Adoulin is the shortest distance.
    • Warning: If you've completed A Thirst for the EonsExclamation, the blank target nearby may warp you out of Rala Waterways involuntarily. If you examine this target, you are prompted for a password. When an incorrect password is entered, the player is ejected to Eastern Adoulin without warning. It is best not to examine it, because it is not needed for this mission.