This Maze requires the creator to use Maze Voucher 08

Moblin Maze Mongers: Aquatic Depopulation Team


  • Objective: Gather and turn in 3000 points' worth of fish before Joulet and Gallijaux do.
    • There is no fighting in this area, so buffs are not necessary.
  • Upon entry talk to the goblin Baitabriq, who will provide instructions on your objective, and then signal the start of fishing. If you decline his offer, fishing will begin immediately.
  • Once you have caught fish, they are to be turned in to Reelarik for points (simply talk to him). If you catch one large fish (e.g. Giant Catfish) the bite rate of that fish will drop dramatically until you turn it in; the same applies to catching three of a particular small fish (e.g. Pipira).
    • Large fish will occasionally (~20%) grant 10% more points for being very big, and rarely (~1%) 20% more for being huge.
  • The target score is typically 3000, but may vary depending on party size and Maze Runes used.
    • Salinity Shift (Maze Rune 117) reduces the target score to 2000 but changes the variety of fish to saltwater.
    • Weakness (Maze Rune 019) grants you 5% of the target at the start, but reduces Moblin Marble reward and increases the presence of monsters (more will appear).
    • Peon (Maze Rune 020) grants you 10% of the target at the start, but reduces Moblin Marble reward.
    • Trial By Numbers (Maze Rune 102) increases target score by 20%, and increases Moblin Marble reward and increases the presence of monsters (more will appear).
  • The fishing holes inside Everbloom Hollow carry a stock of fish, indicated by sparkles in the water. As the holes are fished, the sparkles will disappear and move to other locations. When a pond has no sparkles, no fish can be caught there.
  • Baitabriq can provide the following items, which may be taken out of the Maze when finished:
  • When Gallijaux and Joulet change locations, Ufanne will slowly trot over to Reelarik and hand in their catches. If the match is close, you can often outrun her.
  • As with normal fishing, the message "Something clamps on your line ferociously!" indicates a monster. The monster will not attack you, but may inflict a Gravity effect, or eat one of your catches, or lose interest and wander away. If you have fish to turn in while a monster follows you, Reelarik may award points for the monster also.
    • Pugils are worth 100 points, and Slimes are worth 500 points, though the Gravity effect of a Slime is significantly stronger. It is currently unknown how much a Leech is worth.
  • Colibris called Feathered Foe will occasionally spawn near fishing holes. They are sight-aggro, and will eat all fish in your possession before disappearing.
    • When a team reaches half of the target score, a Roc Feathered Foe will spawn. Unlike Colibris, it will not despawn upon eating your fish, and follows a random path through the entire area.
  • Once you have accumulated enough points you are sent to a new area. Talk to Baitabriq and choose one of the three fishermen, who will fish up your Hoardbox. As with all other MMM areas, if your party leader has CC points there is a chance a second chest will spawn for the party leader.

Fish Points

Freshwater Fish Points Saltwater Fish Points
Crayfish 10 Bastore Sardine 15
Moat Carp 50 Tiger Cod 30
Dark Bass 80 Ogre Eel 50
Copper Frog 120 Quus 70
Black Eel 200 Nosteau Herring 80
Shining Trout 230 Gold Lobster 150
Pipira 250 Bluetail 180
Giant Donko 400-480 Istavrit 220-264
Giant Catfish 450-540 Gigant Octopus 300-360
Monke-Onke 500-600 Veydal Wrasse 320-352
Bhefhel Marlin 320-384
Gugru Tuna 350-420
Bladefish 400-480
Rhinochimera 450-540
Three-eyed Fish 1500-1800

Freshwater Strategy

Saltwater Strategy


  • Choosing a fisherman only changes the fish you will receive. The fourth table applies to all fishermen.
  • If the party leader has CC points and receives a Lockbox, it will yield 1-2 Moat Carp Creel (on Freshwater) or Forest carp creel (on Saltwater). It also has a chance to increase fishing skill by 0.1 or 0.2 points.
Polih Rajonah:
Emperor Fish
Sandfish x2
Gigant Squid
Noble Lady
Red Terrapin
Shining Trout x2
Black Sole x2
Moat Carp Creel 1-2
Forest Carp x6
Zero to three of:
Brigand's Chart (17.2%)
Brio Dart (1.8%)
Flat Shield (1.3%)
Giant Chirai (0.4%)
Giant Donko (1.8%)
Heron Ring (7.5%)
Ogre Eel (0.4%)
Pirate's Chart (3.1%)
Risky Patch (1.8%)
Seagull Ring (4%)
Silver Shark (0.4%)
Turquoise Earring (1.8%)
Maze Rune 010 (0%)
Maze Rune 011 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 012 (0%)
Maze Rune 017 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 020 (0%)
Maze Rune 038 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 040 (0%)
Maze Rune 041 (0%)
Maze Rune 042 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 044 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 045 (0%)
Maze Rune 046 (0%)
Maze Rune 051 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 052 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 053 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 054 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 055 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 056 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 081 (0.9%)
Maze Rune 085 (1.3%)
Maze Rune 086 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 087 (1.3%)
Maze Rune 088 (0.9%)
Maze Rune 089 (0%)
Maze Rune 090 (0.9%)
Maze Rune 091 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 092 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 093 (0%)
Maze Rune 096 (0.4%)
Maze Rune 097 (0.9%)
Maze Rune 117 (4.4%)
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