Start NPC High Bear (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Outpost)
Repeatable Yes
Reward 200 Cruor,

Goetia Seal: Feet (BLM) (???%)
Iga Seal: Feet (NIN) (???%)
Lancer's Seal: Feet (DRG) (???%)
Navarch's Seal: Feet (COR) (???%)

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Aqua Pura None


  • Talk to High Bear (A); he will ask you to return to the Watergrass sites and observe any changes.
    • Note: You must wait one Vana'Diel day before flagging this quest after completing Aqua Pura.
  • Go to the three points and click on the Watergrass. They are located around the 3 main lakes in the area (E-5, G-10, F-13), and take note of your observations.
    • Note: You only need to visit at most 2 sites. Visit one and return to High Bear, all 3 options will be from one site. Check that site if you hadn't already and return.
  • Return to High Bear (A) and report on your findings. He will ask what you observed, and give several options. Choose the option that matches an observation at one of the sites.
    • North Watergrass (E-5) (Conflux #1)
      • "A curious yellowish powder clings to the leaves..." Yellow powder
      • "The massive footprints of an unidentified beast adorn the soil..." Beastly footprints
      • "The leaves are slimy to the touch..." Slimy
    • Middle Watergrass (G-10) (Conflux #5)
      • "The leaves are covered with beads of rainwater..." Raindrops
      • "The leaves are coated with a thin layer of what appears to be gunpowder..." Gunpowder
      • "A curious liquid oozes from the plant's stalk..." A curious ooze
    • South Watergrass (F-13) (Conflux #6)
      • "A thin layer of ash coats the leaves..." Ash-coated leaves
      • "Foul, decaying fruit hangs from a withered branch..." Rotted fruit
      • "The soil exudes a malodorous stench..." Malodorous soil
  • Wait for the next game day 0:00, and return to High Bear (A) for your reward. Zoning is not necessary. (He does not always give you a seal)
  • After receiving your reward, you may reflag the quest immediately, without the need to zone.

Game Description

High Bear (A)
An enthusiastic researcher is on the verge of a discovery that might restore potable water to the inlet...for certain this time! Retrieve plant samples from the vicinity of the ponds, this his labors might at long last bear fruit.
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