Start NPC High Bear (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Outpost)
Repeatable Yes
Reward 400 Cruor (200 cruor for each completion after the first)

Goetia Seal: Feet (BLM) (???%)
Iga Seal: Feet (NIN) (???%)
Lancer's Seal: Feet (DRG) (???%)
Navarch's Seal: Feet (COR) (???%)
Chance of any seal is (???%)

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Aqua Pura None


  • Go to the Outpost (Conflux 00) and talk to High Bear (A); he will ask you to return to the Watergrass sites and observe any changes.
    • You must wait one Vana'Diel day before flagging this quest after completing Aqua Pura.
  • Go to the three points and click on the Watergrass. They are located around the 3 main lakes in the area (E-5, G-10, F-13), and take note of your observations.
    • Note: You only need to visit at most 2 sites. Visit one and return to High Bear; all 3 options are from one site. Check that site if you haven't already and return.
  • Return to High Bear (A), who asks what you observed and gives several options. Choose the option that matches an observation at one of the sites.
    • North Watergrass (E-5) (Conflux #1)
      • "A curious yellowish powder clings to the leaves..." Yellowish powder
      • "The massive footprints of an unidentified beast adorn the soil..." Beastly footprints
      • "The leaves are slimy to the touch..." Slimy leaves
    • Middle Watergrass (G-10) (Conflux #5)
      • "The leaves are covered with beads of rainwater..." Raindrops
      • "The leaves are coated with a thin layer of what appears to be gunpowder..." Gunpowder
      • "A curious liquid oozes from the plant's stalk..." A curious ooze
    • South Watergrass (F-13) (Conflux #6)
      • "A thin layer of ash coats the leaves..." Ash-coated leaves
      • "Foul, decaying fruit hangs from a withered branch..." Rotted fruit
      • "The soil exudes a malodorous stench..." Malodorous soil
  • Wait for the next game day at 0:00, and return to High Bear (A) for your reward. Zoning is not necessary.
    • He does not always give you a seal.
    • It seems that seals are no longer awarded for incorrect answers.
  • After receiving your reward, you can reaccept the quest immediately without zoning.

Game Description

High Bear (A)
An enthusiastic researcher is on the verge of a discovery that might restore potable water to the inlet...for certain this time! Retrieve plant samples from the vicinity of the ponds, this his labors might at long last bear fruit.