Start NPC High Bear (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (I-9 Outpost), Conflux #00.
Repeatable No
Reward 400 Cruor
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None Aqua Puraga


  • Talk to High Bear (A); he will ask you to collect some Watergrass and mark the positions on your map (3 in total).
  • Go to the three points and click on the Watergrass. They are located around the 3 main lakes in the area (E-5, G-10, F-13).
  • Conflux #01 is near the first lake, and Conflux #05 is directly between the second and third lakes.
  • Return to High Bear (A) for your reward.

Game Description

High Bear (A)
An enthusiastic researcher is on the verge of a discovery that might restore potable water to the inlet. Retrieve plant samples from the vicinity of the ponds, thus his labors might at long last bear fruit.