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'''Aptant of geoc'''<br>
''A burnished metallic token bearing an ancient glyph for "Help."''<br>
'''Stackable:''' ''Not Stackable''<br><br>
==Other Uses==
'''[[Resale Price]]:''' ''Cannot be sold to NPCs.''
==Synthesis Recipes==
{{Information Needed}}
==Used in Recipes==
{{Information Needed}}
==Desynthesis Recipe==
==Obtained From Desynthesis==
==How to Obtain==
===Dropped From===
:{| width="60%" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2"
|- style="background:#ffdead;"
! width="45%"|Name
! width="15%"|Level
! width="50%"|Zone
|- style="background:#ffd9d9;" valign="top"
|'''[[Frost Flambeau]] ([[NM]])'''
| align="center" |74-78
| [[Uleguerand Range]]

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