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≪April 2017 Login Campaign≫

The April 2017 Login Campaign will be held during the period given below.

Repeat Login Campaign No. 46 Login Point Acquisition Period:
Monday, 10 April at 3:00 p.m. (GMT) to Tuesday, 2 May at 2:00 p.m.

Repeat Login Campaign No. 46 Login Point Exchange Period:
Friday, 10 April at 3:00 p.m. (GMT) to Tuesday, 9 May at 2:00 p.m.

Read on for details.

The following is a list of prizes obtainable from the Greeter Moogle during Repeat Login Campaign No. 46.[1]

10 points
Beastmen's Seal Exclusive Kindred's Seal Exclusive Kindred's Crest Exclusive High Kindred's Crest Exclusive
Sacred Kindred's Crest Exclusive Cordial Invite ExclusiveAccount Martial Ball Invite ExclusiveAccount Training Grounds Key ExclusiveAccount
Mercenary Camp Entry ExclusiveAccount Pest Repellent ExclusiveAccount Athena Orb ExclusiveAccount Cracked Nut ExclusiveAccount
Seasoning Stone Exclusive Pungent Powder ExclusiveAccount
100 points
Mog Kupon I-S1 Exclusive Account Eudaemon Blade Eudaemon Cape Eudaemon Ring
Eudaemon Sash Eudaemon Shield Drill Calamary Dwarf Pugil
Heartbeater Cherry Tree Pupil's Shirt Pupil's Camisa
Pupil's Trousers Pupil's Shoes Track Shirt Track Pants
Cipher: Darrcuiln Cipher: Lion Cipher: Naja Springstone
Summerstone Autumnstone Winterstone Gem of the East
Gem of the South Gem of the West Gem of the North
300 points
♪Tiger Carbie Cap Cait Sith Cap Seal of Genbu
Seal of Suzaku Seal of Byakko Seal of Seiryu Mog Kupon I-Seal
500 points
170410 01
750 points
Kitchen Brick RareExclusiveAccount Kitchen Stove RareExclusiveAccount Kitchen Plate RareExclusiveAccount Frayed Sack (A1)
Frayed Sack (M1) Frayed Sack (H1)
1,000 points
Mog Patio Plans RareExclusive Caliber Ring RareExclusiveAccount Facility Ring RareExclusiveAccount Frayed Sack (Pel)
Frayed Sack (Fer) Frayed Sack (Tau) Eschalixir +1 Refractive Crystal
1,500 points
Savory Shank Rare Sweet Tea Rare Red Pondweed Rare Cursed Togi
Cursed Hauberk Cursed Dalmatica Cursed Cuirass Cursed Mail
Cursed Harness Hexed Haubert Hexed Domaru Hexed Jacket
Hexed Doublet Hexed Bliaut


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