Note: I did not take notes on every facet on the maze. In particular, names may be a little off, and I've made a few assumptions about aggro. Please see the talk page for more info.
This Maze requires the creator to use Maze Voucher 06

Unlike the other mazes, this maze is all about avoiding combat. The monsters inside the maze are exceptionally powerful, and all have True Sight. Upon entering the maze, you will be near a moblin, Filchaflik, who will give you three items: Eau de Moblin, Satchet of Wood, and Satchet of Bugs. You must use these items, along with your wits, to escape detection, grab treasure, and escape. Be warned, every treasure you find will slow you down, and quickening and flee cannot be used while thus burdened!

Throughout the maze, you will find several forcers. When destroyed, these contain extra disguises, which is very handy. In addition, there are many glowing spots that are not contained within forcers. These will contain small treasures, such as beastcoins, or tools, such as pickaxes and living keys. Lastly, there are two types of chests. There's the Irksome Chest, which requires a thief who has picked up the Living Key temporary item to open, as well as Papeterie, which can be opened by anyone and contains treasure.

Once you feel you've gotten enough treasure, head back to Filchaflik and hand over the loot. You must open the three Papeterie and return their contents to win. Good luck!

The Enemy

Treasure Gobbler: A flan that wanders around the rooms aimlessly, but is easily fooled by disguises.

Maze Keeper: A doll that wanders back and forth along a a small path. Easily passed by going behind it's back.

Terrormonger: A wyvern that patrols a small section of the main corridor. Only appears to be one in the maze... and disguises are useless!

Goblin Digger: A goblin. Not much is known, though he was accompanying the Terrormonger when seen.

  • He appears to take the other route when the Terrormonger is on the other route. Also has a random enspell like effect, (enbind?).
  • Occasionally does a "digging" animation, after which a Buried Treasure spot will appear for a short while. Clicking this will give an extra item that can be traded in for extra points.
  • Unlike the other monsters, the Goblin can be bypassed with the Invisible buff, so having a job that can cast Invisible can become useful.

Watcher: A floating eye that usually patrols a certain route. If caught, you will get sent to "jail" where you have to escape behind a Gigas Gaoler. The exit from there leaves you at the bottom of the maze behind the 3 doors. There are 2 of them.

Gigas Gaoler: A gigas patrolling the only route out of the jail area. Can be easily avoided by running after it walks by.

  • All enemies are sight aggro, and in all but one case, see through Invisible.

Your Tools

Eau de Moblin: Makes all enemies in the maze "Rest", so they do not aggro. Does not work on the goblin.

Sachet of Bugs: Your most useful tool! Turns you into a chigoe, allowing you to move undetected. Doesn't last long however. This can be used to cause both the doll & the flan to lose aggro if used. Very useful if used after having aggro, or need to quickly move from one spot to another. This costume also lets you keep whatever your current speed is. Whether that is fast or slow. Does not work on the goblin.

Satchet of Wood: Anyone who's played Metal Gear will be familiar with this: Turns you into a box. Of limited usefullness, as you cannot move, and the gobblers patrol such a small area that they likely won't leave you general area, and the terrormonger is not fooled at all by it. This is used to fool the goblin. Very useful if used after he has aggro on you.

  • Each costume disguise, as well as the Eau de Moblin last for 30 seconds.

Pickaxe: Used to mine up treasure from mining points. There will be two mining points and two pickaxes throughout the maze.

Living Key: Used to open up the Irksome Chest. Useless if you are not a thief.


Throughout the maze there are "Idols". These cannot be targeted. Every so often, their eyes will glow and they'll send out a mist, affecting anyone nearby. If their eyes glow blue, they will give a Quickening effect to anyone nearby, though it's impossible to get a quickening effect in any way if carrying treasure. If their eyes glow red, they will inflict a debilitating status effect, such as poison or amnesia. Finally if their eyes glow grey, they will send out a gust of wind, pushing anyone to the side. This can be annoying or helpful, depending on if it's in front of you or behind you.

There's also the curious "Lamp of Compassion". When checked, it states "The path from the Well of Humility to the Ladder of Liberty is open for the next thirty seconds!". This perhaps may lead to another area?

Lastly, there's chests. There's two types, an Irksome Chest, which requires a Thief to use the Living Key temporary item, and a Papeterie, which can be opened normally. Only the Papeteries and the items within can be used to clear the maze, other treasures found are simply, as Filchaflik says, "overtime".

    • Notes
  • One way to speed this up is to make use of the satchel of bugs. If you know you have several of them lying around, then rather than waiting for the doll and flan combo to allow you to move, use one to quickly go by. And then either pick one up on the other side or pick another up from the goblin.
  • The Eau de Moblin should be saved for emergencies only, such as allowing yourself to bypass an incoming Terrormonger. You only get one, so be careful.
  • You can always re-acquire another Sachet of Bugs and Wood by speaking to Filchaflik, but only when you have not returned the 3 items from the Papeteries.
  • You do not win the maze automatically after turning in the three items requested. Instead, you must speak to Filchaflik again and confirm you are finished. As noted above, after you meet the quota, he will not give you any other Sachets, so keep this in mind if you decide to hunt for other items.
  • You lose all temporary items on you after death, which returns your speed to normal if you Reraise. However, you should bring Reraise. While you may lose EXP on dying(Depending on if you have a certain Rune on the Tabula or not), getting up will allow you to notice an ??? that spawned where you died. Checking it will give you a chance to regain some items you have lost, including those needed to complete the mission.


Beastcoin Chronos Tooth Copper Ore Fresh Orc Liver Giant Frozen Head Goblin Grease Silver Ore


Maze Rune 054 Raptor Skin Vial of Beastman Blood

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