«FFXI-Movie» San 3-3 - Appointment to Jeuno

«FFXI-Movie» San 3-3 - Appointment to Jeuno


Appointment to Jeuno - San d'Orian Gate Guard
San d'Orian Gate Guard : Ah, it's you, Player Name. You've come at a good time. I've news for you.

San d'Orian Gate Guard : By the order of the Kingdom of San d'Oria, you're to head to Jeuno as an ambassadorial attache.

San d'Orian Gate Guard : That is all. You'll take the mission then?

San d'Orian Gate Guard : Go to Chateau d'Oraguille. Monarlais Halver will tell you all you need to know.

Appointment to Jeuno - Chateau d'Oraguille - Dialoge
Halver : I've been waiting for you, Player Name. As you've probably already heard from the gatehouse, you are to report to the Embassy of San d'Oria at Jeuno.

Halver : Our relations with Jeuno are vital to maintaining the balance of power between our Kingdom of San d'Oria, Windurst, and Bastok.

Halver : You will receive your letter of introduction to Jeuno from His Majesty Royaulais Destin himself. Great honor this is!

Halver : Proceed through the door to the audience chamber. The king is waiting for you. Remember to mind protocol!

Appointment to Jeuno - Chateau d'Oraguille
Destin: Welcome, Player name. I am Destin, King of San d'Oria.

Destin: Please, be at ease. I've heard of you from Claidie. Much have you done for the Kingdom, it seems!

Destin: As I'm sure Lord Halver has told you, we decided to appoint you to serve in the Embassy of San d'Oria at Jeuno.

Destin: Recently we lost one of our staff there. But do not be alarmed, for you shall serve under my direct appointment.

Destin: Take that letter of introduction with you and depart for Jeuno.

Destin: The embassy has been informed, and is expecting you. Show the letter to any of the staff there.

Destin: Depart as soon as you are able.

Destin: Safe journeys, Player name.

Appointment to Jeuno - Ru'Lude Gardens
Nelcabrit : Welcome to the San d'Orian Embassy. Do you require assistance?

Nelcabrit : Good day, Player Name. The court had notified us about you.

Nelcabrit : But I'm afraid the ambassador is away at the moment.

Nelcabrit : You've heard of Delkfutt's Tower, have you not? The ambassador is presently inspecting that area. Her Excellency is scheduled to return soon, however.

Wolfgang : Good day.

Nelcabrit : Why, Lord Wolfgang! To what do we owe this honor?

Wolfgang : I seek audience with your ambassador.

Nelcabrit : I am sorry, but Her Excellency has gone to investigate Delkfutt's Tower.

Wolfgang : Delkfutt's Tower? What kind of investigation is it?

Wolfgang : I would ask your ambassador to avoid such dangerous places... Or is it by order of your nation?

Monberaux : Excuse me... Is the ambassador in residence?

Wolfgang : Monberaux! What business have you here?

Monberaux : Wolfgang. How have you been?

Monberaux : The ambassador has a rare affliction, and it's time for a checkup.

Wolfgang : I say this to you as a friend... Keep a safe distance from foreign dignitaries.

Monberaux : I've told you before that diseases know no borders. Every patient needs a doctor; nationality and status matter not.

Wolfgang : Hmph. You haven't changed a bit, have you? You should take special care, my friend, lest you come to regret it.

Wolfgang : Advise your ambassador against these careless adventures. I shall return later. Good day.

Monberaux : Hmm...

Monberaux : Well, I can't give checkups without a patient. Please convey how sorry I was to miss the ambassador, and that I'll call again later.

Nelcabrit : Sir Wolfgang is the captain of the guard for Archduke Kam'lanaut. But I wonder what business he had with Her Excellency...

Nelcabrit : Ah, but it is a good thing you are here! Why don't you go to Delkfutt's Tower and report on the ambassador's progress? A fitting task for the newcomer!

Nelcabrit : Tread lightly, as the place is crawling with fields. It would behoove you to purchase arms in the town, and to travel in the company of fellow adventurers.

Nelcabrit : Of course, you were promoted for a reason, so I have the utmost faith in your success. Best of luck to you!

Appointment to Jeuno - Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Jima : Unh... Ungh...

Jima : Who are you...? Not a foe, it seems... I am glad you've found me. I am Jima, Ambassador of San d'Oria.

Jima : So you were sent on a mission to the embassy in Jeuno? I see. I am truly sorry you had to come to such a dangerous place as this.

Jima : Sorrier still am I that I was fool enough to let down my guard. I was struck from behind, and I woke to find myself here. To think, if you hadn't happened by...

Jima : This is truly a dangerous place, and not just because of the monsters. There is an ominous feel to the air...

Jima : Going deeper would be folly. Take care, kind adventurer. I will leave this place while I still can, and we shall meet again at the embassy.

Appointment to Jeuno - Ru'Lude Gardens
Jima : Ah, I'm so glad to see you.

Jima : Thank you so much for braving dangers and finding me. You have my thanks. Now, enough formalities...

Jima : I hereby assign you, Player Name, to the post of attache of the Embassy to Jeuno.

Jima : May you apply all your powers for the sake of the motherland and her friendship with Jeuno.

Jima : Prove yourself, and I might have need of you later. When the time comes, I hope you can help me as you did before.

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