Start NPC:   Esha'ntarl - Ru'Lude Gardens (-)
  Chains of Promathia Missions Complete
  Rise of the Zilart Missions Complete
  Items Needed:   
  Title:   Breaker of the Chains
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Static Earring or
  Magnetic Earring or
  Hollow Earring or
  Ethereal Earring

  Previous Quest:   Shadows of the Departed
  Next Quest:   Mission The Last Verse


After completing Shadows of the Departed, you must wait until after midnight in Japan to activate this quest.


Strategy tips: Kite Kam'lanaut initially and go all-out to kill Eald'narche.

  • Stunning Eald'narche's nukes is key. A RDM/DRK can chainspell stun Eald'narche while someone kites Kam'lanaut and the rest of the team focuses on Eald'narche. Stunners should stay back to avoid Terror.
    • Erase Slowga from a NIN tank ASAP.
    • Have a SMN hold Eald'narche while the rest of the group takes out Kam'lanaut.
  • Beatable with ease by a party of WHM,DRK,NIN,PLD,WAR,COR. The PLD pretty much Kited Kam'lanaut with no trouble. NIN had DRK sub for DD and stun. At start of fight, PLD pulled Kam'lanaut, and the WAR,NIN,DRK,COR grab Eald'narche and start killing him, he warps around, but not that bad. WHM just focused on healing. Fight just lasted 5 minutes. Bring poison potion in case of sleepga, and Echo drops.
  • Went into fight with PLD WAR WAR BLU RDM SMN, was a laughable fight at 3 minutes 27 seconds with buff time. Both WARs were /SAM with GAxe, and Meditated to 300% outside. RDM was /DRK, Chainspell Stunned Eald'narche while the WARs, BLU, and SMN's avatar went all out on him; died in about 20 seconds. PLD was /NIN with Wyrmal Legs, kited Kam'lanaut around while Eald'narche was killed, and took no damage while kiting. Straight-tanked Kam'lanaut when the other died, both WARs used Icarus Wing and weaponskilled while Mighty Strikes was still up and the fight was basically over.
    • It is possible to reraise without aggroing Kam'lanaut so if you wipe after Eld'narche just hope you are out of his aggro range which seems to be about 15'. Tractor does not work in this fight.
    • Wyrmal Legs not a requirement to kite Kam'lanaut, a standard equipped Pld/Nin can suceed.


  • Talk to Aldo in Lower Jeuno (J-8) for a cutscene. If you have switched nations, you must be Rank 5 or higher to receive this cutscene.
  • Wait until Japan midnight and talk to Gilgamesh in Norg for a cutscene to complete the quest. You must zone after Japan midnight before talking to Gilgamesh to get the cutscene.


Upon talking to Gilgamesh, you are given your choice of four earrings as a reward. You can only choose one of the following and they are lvl 72 All Jobs.

Name Stats
Ethereal Earring HP +15, Attack +5, Evasion +5, Converts 3% of Damage Taken to MP
Hollow Earring DEX +2, Accuracy +3, Ranged Accuracy +3, Sword Enhancement Spell Damage +3
Magnetic Earring MP +20, "Conserve MP" +5, Spell Interruption Rate Down 8%, MP Recovered While Healing +1
Static Earring MND +2, Magic Defense Bonus +2, Bonus Damage Added To Magic Burst

Repeating the Quest

It is possible for this quest to be repeated. Note that the earring previously acquired from this quest must not be in your possession to proceed (You must throw your first earring out in order to get a different one).

Game Description

Client: Esha'ntarl (Audience Chamber, Ru'Lude Gardens)

The next incarnation of the Keeper of the Apocalypse is attempting to cross over into Vana'diel. Sing the Lay of the Immortals before the fifth mothercrystal and put an end to this threat once and for all!
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