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«FFXI-Movie» Apocalypse Nigh (Alternate)

Game Script

Apocalypse Nigh - Ru'Lude Gardens
Esha'ntarl: Player name.

Let us discuss what needs to be done.

Esha'ntarl: I have returned from an audience with the Wyrmking.

Esha'ntarl: If the Keeper of the Apocalypse is indeed attempting to cross over into this world, there is but one option left to us.

Esha'ntarl: We force the keeper to appear on our terms.
Then we crush him.

Esha'ntarl: This was Prishe's original plan.

Esha'ntarl: Ulmia will sing the Lay of the Immortals in the presence of the fifth mothercrystal.

Esha'ntarl: The time has finally come to use the completed song--the verses you discovered on your journey.
I have faith that Ulmia can perform the piece with little trouble.

Esha'ntarl: Make your way to the Sealion's Den in Tavnazia.
Al'Taieu beckons once again.

Apocalypse Nigh - Sealion's Den
Prishe: Player name, I have awaited your arrival.

Prishe: It is my fault that this terrible thing is occurring--I have no excuses.

Prishe: I always feared that my act of relinquishing the Star of Tavnazia...

Prishe: ...would one day bring the world back to the brink of destruction.

Prishe: But to be completely honest, I am overjoyed that this darkness has given us another chance to meet.
Truly, I am...

Ulmia: Prishe!
You stop this nonsense at once!

Ulmia: Why must you insist on playing the clown at a time like this!?
You truly are incorrigible!

Prishe: Aw, c'mon, Ulmia!
It's been so long since I've seen Player name.

Prishe: A normal reunion would be kinda boring, and I just wanted to spice things up a little...

Ulmia: You were just trying to cover up your own awkwardness!

Prishe: That's...not...true...

Prishe: Oh! Hey, there's the Celestial Invincible Delver C.I.D.!

Ulmia: Player name.
Cardinal Mildaurion will be joining us later.
Let us begin our journey to the fifth mothercrystal.

Ulmia: Our mission will be a success.
I know it in my heart.

Apocalypse Nigh (pt.1) - Empyreal Paradox
Prishe: Hehehe.

I always wanted to come back to this place.
Y'know, for a picnic or something.

???: Still making unrealistic wishes, Prishe?

Prishe: Miss Mildaurion!

Aldo: I'm sure you all know Zeid.
We have a debt to the ancients that needs to be repaid.

Mildaurion: I will also fight alongside you.
I must see this matter put to rest.

Prishe: Here they come!

???: Bound together...

???: By the crystals...

???: We will soon...

???: Become one...

Mildaurion: There's something else...!

Prishe: A fifth person!?

Aldo: Lion!?

Shadow Lord: Hahaha!

Nag'molada: The stone she would not relinquish...!

Kam'lanaut: It has been shattered by your song...!

Eald'narche: Our divine transformation is at hand!

Zeid: This ends now!

Mildaurion: Leave Nag'molada to me!

Apocalypse Nigh (pt.2) - Empyreal Paradox
Kam'lanaut: You shall be the first...!

Eald'narche: The first to taste the vengeance of the dead!

Apocalypse Nigh (pt.3) - Empyreal Paradox
Prishe: I think we're done here.

Mildaurion: Yes, the battle is over.
There is only..

Selh'teus: She appears to be unharmed.
There is some trace of Emptiness, but it will cause nothing more than a few bad dreams.

Aldo: Thank Altana...
It was Lion who leaped into the crystal to save us all.

Zeid: Her struggle with Eald'narche continued within the stone...

Aldo: Let's get her home to Norg...

Prishe: Your red hair...
Now I know you.

Prishe: The nightmare I had...
You were the one who carried it on for me.

Prishe: Player name.
Make sure you fulfill your promise when she gets better, okay?

Prishe: The world only grows larger the longer we live. New lives are born, and new lands are discovered. There're always new adventures to be had.

Prishe: But you don't gotta rush in, you know?
This big world of ours will always be waiting.

Prishe: Waiting for you.

Apocalypse Nigh - Norg
Gilgamesh: Arrg, be good to see ya!

So you and yer friends were the landlubbers what saved her, eh?

Gilgamesh: Don't ya worry none, she be sleepin' it off like a sailor that's too fond of opo-opo brew. The whole ordeal's left me girl a bit under the weather, but she'll pull through.

Gilgamesh: Hasn't stopped her talkin' me ears off, o'course. Can't get a word in edgewise.

Gilgamesh: ...I jus' be glad that me girl ain't forgotten about me.

Gilgamesh: Even after walkin' the plank into the great beyond, she still remembers her old man.

Gilgamesh: She may not be me daughter by blood, but she's still the apple of me eye. I do believe a reward be due you.

Gilgamesh: Ya can have the pick of one of me treasures. I'll be givin' whatever's left to yer mates what helped ya.

Gilgamesh: Arrg, I almost be forgettin'. Me girl wants ya to pummel some beastie that's been hauntin' her dreams. Stuff o' nightmares, she says.

Gilgamesh: Don't make much sense to me, but I be guessin' you know the truth of it. If ya ever need an old pirate's help, ya just let me know.

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