Start NPC Esha'ntarl - Ru'Lude Gardens (-)
Requirements Chains of Promathia Missions Complete
Rise of the Zilart Missions Complete
Title Granted Breaker of the Chains
Repeatable Yes
Reward Static Earring or
Magnetic Earring or
Hollow Earring or
Ethereal Earring
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Shadows of the Departed Mission: The Last Verse
Replay Cutscenes
Apocalypse Nigh Archanne Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9)
Apocalypse Nigh Jovial Rat Sealion's Den (H-6)
Apocalypse Nigh Goblin Footprint Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi (H-8) Map 3
Apocalypse Nigh (pt.1-4) Goblin Footprint Empyreal Paradox
Apocalypse Nigh (pt.1-2) Geuhbe Lower Jeuno (G-9)
Apocalypse Nigh Colleraie Norg (H-9)


After completing Shadows of the Departed, you must wait until the next game day to activate this quest. Please note that your in-game Mission tracker will not update your mission progress until The Last Verse is completed. It will show that you're still on Dawn and Awakening even if you've completed Shadows of the Departed, so you will need to keep track of your own mission progress.


See Testimonials for strategy information.


  • Talk to Aldo in Lower Jeuno (J-8) for a cutscene. You must be at least Rank 5 in your current nation to receive this cutscene.

OPTIONAL: While in the Tenshodo, talk with Yin Pocanakhu and Sattal-Mansal for some additonal dialogue.

  • Wait until Japanese Midnight and talk to Gilgamesh in Norg (L-8) for a cutscene to complete the quest. You must zone after Japanese midnight before talking to Gilgamesh to get the cutscene.
    • If you wait until Japan midnight to speak to Aldo you do not have to wait another full day; instead you can speak to Gilgamesh immediately after Aldo.


Upon talking to Gilgamesh, you are given your choice of four earrings as a reward. You can only choose one of the following earrings. They are level 72 and can be equipped by all jobs. If you don't choose any of them, you can come back and speak to Gilgamesh anytime to pick one, but you will not complete the quest, nor activate The Last Verse, until you do.

Name Stats
Ethereal Earring HP +15, Attack +5, Evasion +5, Converts 3% of Damage Taken to MP
Hollow Earring DEX +2, Accuracy +3, Ranged Accuracy +3, Sword Enhancement Spell Damage +3
Magnetic Earring MP +20, "Conserve MP" +5, Spell Interruption Rate Down 8%, MP Recovered While Healing +1
Static Earring MND +2, Magic Defense Bonus +2, Bonus Damage Added To Magic Burst

Repeating the Quest

It is possible for this quest to be repeated. The earring previously acquired from this quest must not be in your possession to proceed (you must throw your first earring out in order to get a different one).

  • Target the ??? in the Empyreal Paradox and erase all memories of the quests "Shadows of the Departed" and "Apocalypse Nigh". Complete these quests again to obtain one of the earrings listed above.
    • For clarification, the earring must be dropped before you can receive the option to erase memories of the quests. Therefore, unlike artifact gear, it is not possible to retain your current earring while redoing the quests.

Game Description

Esha'ntarl (Audience Chamber, Ru'Lude Gardens)
The next incarnation of the Keeper of the Apocalypse is attempting to cross over into Vana'diel. Sing the Lay of the Immortals before the fifth mothercrystal and put an end to this threat once and for all!