Offers Directions Around Town:

Hiya! Are you lost or something? If you're in trouble, Anja-Enja's here to helpy-welpy!
  • "Nothing right now.": Well, if you ever need help, feel free to ask one of us guards. Helping out people in need is the calling of us guards in Windurst Waters's "North Winds" troupey-woupey.
  • "Where are we?": This is the Windurst Waters district. Just north of here are the Opistery, the Aurastery, and a general goods store. South of here are the Rhinostery and the hatter's.
  • "How to leave town.": The quickest way to leave town from here is Odin's Gate, which takes you out to West Sarutabaruta. Head north and pass through the archway of the Opistery's Library of Magic. Then go over the bridge until you get to the northern gatehouse. (That's where we guards of Windurst Waters meet, you know?) Head through the gate and you'll find yourself outside in West Sarutabaruta.
  • "Where's the residential area?": Windurst's residential area is northeast of here. To get there, first head north and cross the bridge to the east that leads to the Aurastery and Windurst Walls. On the way, you'll come across a Cardian automaton guard. Turn right when you see him and you'll easily find your way there.
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