Animating Wail

Increases attack speed.


Spell cost: 53 MP
Monster Type: Undead
Spell Type: Magical (Wind)
Range: N/A
Blue Magic Points: 5
Stat Bonus: HP+20


Casting Time: 2 Seconds
Recast Time: 45 Seconds
Duration: 5 minutes

Combines With...

You can use Animating Wail as part of a combo to create Dual Wield.

Can be paired with one of the following spells to create the Dual Wield trait:


  • Unlike the Enhancing Magic equivalent, this effect lasts for 300 seconds (5 minutes).
  • Self-target only. Can be used with Diffusion.
  • Overwrites and is overwritten by itself and the spell Haste.
  • Overwrites Refueling.
  • Currently does not overwrite itself when using Diffusion.

Skillchain/Magic Burst Info


How to Obtain

Acquired From

Mob Family: Qutrub
Minimum Blue Mage Level To Acquire: 70 with Magus Jubbah equipped, 73 without Magus Jubbah Exclamation
Name Level Zone
Qutrub 73-74 Arrapago Reef
Bog Body 76-90 Abyssea - Tahrongi
Lamia Idolater 80-82 Arrapago Reef J-6
Lamia Idolater 79-81 Caedarva Mire


Animating Wail

Animating Wail

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