If quest "Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria)" is active:

Anilla: The other day I saw a man wandering around town wearing the most unusual clothing.
Is there some fesitval I am not aware of?

Matildie: How could you possibly not have heard?
The Near Eastern folk are recruiting soldiers on a massive scale to quell some war that is raging with the beastmen.

Anilla: You cannot be serious!
Do you mean to tell me that another frightful Crystal War once more threatens our fair home?

Matildie: There is no need to be so dramatic, Anilla.
The Near East is not quite so near as to warrant an immediate descent into panic and despair.
The only people this news pertains to are those action-hungry adventurers.

Anilla: Speaking of which, I had one of those unruly brutes burst into my home while I was dusting, and proceed to boast about some badge he'd received...

Matildie: Simply unforgivable. If one must brag of some possession so badly, one should at least observe the common courtesy of knocking...

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