Ancient papyrus shred

Ancient papyrus shred
A shred of papyrus describing
forgotten magic. It appears to be
torn mid-sentence.
Used In Quest(s):
Found in The Eldieme Necropolis.
  • The pieces are all located on Map 1 in the small rooms containing Braziers.
    • The KeyItemMagicked astrolabe will open any door when you click on it. If you did not grab it: The switch to control the gates is at (H-8) in the middle, and watch out for squares that look like they're filled with gravel as they might be false floors.
  • The ??? are located at (H-9), (F-9) and (F-7).

You must click all three ??? to receive the Ancient Papyrus.

*You must start quest In Defiant Challenge with Maat in order to obtain the Ancient Papyrus.
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