Ancient Melody O.png

"Ancient Melody: O"
A brief stanza of melody said to be
older than time itself. It is largely
worthless on its own.
Found In:
Records of Eminence Vana'versary Objective: Mythril Marathon

The following people respond to this Key Item:

  • Aldo - Lower Jeuno (J-8)
    • "Hello, [Player Name]. What brings you here today?"
    • [Player Name] showed the Ancient Melody: O.
    • "Hmm... This is... I had heard that it was related to some ancient technology, but now it all makes sense... I suppose your intention here is to use the A.M.A.N. to have its adventurers solve the riddle. As such, I suppose it's best if I give you free reign to operate, [Player Name]. Just to be safe, I'll be sure to keep an eye on their movements as well."
  • Jamal - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-4)
    • Requirement: Flag Quell Your Rage
    • "Hm? What do you have there, if I may ask? I believe I have laid eyes upon it before somewhere..."
    • [Player Name] showed the Ancient Melody: O.
    • "I knew it. It's just like the one I came across during my studies into dark Trust magic. I heard the organization responsible for authorizing the viewing of such materials had hit a wall trying to find a way to decrypt the code... Unfortunately, that is the extent of my knowledge regarding the matter. I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you."
  • Mapitoto - Upper Jeuno (G-7)
    • Requirement: Key ItemTrainer's WhistleVerification Needed
    • "Ahh, welcome. Did you happen-wappen to bring an astral notebook with you? It appears not. Although, I see you have something else you wish for me to take a looksie-wooksie at. Now then, let's see what you've got there..."
    • [Player Name] showed the Ancient Melody: O.
    • "Hmm... Yes, I see... Oh no! It seems-weems that I've done it again... Anyways, this appears to be rather old music. Indeed, it has piqued my interestaru. Of course, I'm no archaeologistaru or anything. Please tell me if you learn anything new."
  • Wilhelm - Mhaura (G-7)
    • "Hello there, adventurer. Were you able to obtain a fragment from that monster?"
    • [Player Name] showed the Ancient Melody: O.
    • "Forgive me, but what I am searching for is a fragment of a giant black creature that is like a machine but also of flesh and blood."
    • "I hope you will be able to help me out adventurer."

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