Job: Bard
Family: Dragons
Crystal: Dark
Strong to: Dark

Zeni Notorious Monster (Tier II)


Zone Level Drops Steal Spawns Notes
Mount Zhayolm 87
  • ???~??? gil
1 Aggressive, Detects by true sound
??? HP
??? MP


  • The best way to reach this fight is to use any of the Unity teleporters, select level 128, then Mt Zhayolm and run the short distance to the pop site @ E-6.
  • Alternatively, taking the Mt. Zhayolm home point, and then heading North is also a short trip.
  • When the ??? is examined it says "A stifling stench pervades the air."
  • Uses the songs: Nullsong, Lodesong, Thornsong, Voidsong, Horde Lullaby, Maiden's Virelai, Chaos Blade, and other miscellaneous bard songs.
  • Can be stunned.
  • Gravity and Bind will land, but Anantaboga will build up a full resistance to both if you continually re-apply them.
  • Make sure everyone has Poison Potions. It will Horde Lullaby quite often.
  • Be ready to Sleep party members that become Charmed.
  • Nullsong will do 200+ even with shadows as buff. Don't use food or buffs.
  • Avoid Silencing it and using weaponskills that silence such as Tachi: Gekko and Guillotine. When silenced it will unlock every dragon move, particularly Petro Eyes, Body Slam, Heavy Stomp, etc. Body Slam will hit for upwards of 1500.
  • Chaos Blade has a strong curse effect and should be removed immediately.
  • The zone at E-6 used to enter the island can be used advantageously in the fight. Pulling Anantaboga back to this location is highly suggested as fighting near the pop location risks aggroing one of the several Dahaks. Mages can zone hate and weakened members can rest inside Halvung without danger. Repeatedly zoning and casting DoTs can also be used to hold Anantaboga should the party or alliance fall and need to recover. Virelai can also be evaded by zoning.
  • Warning to soloists: If you get charmed and Anantaboga dies to DoTs, you will not get any drops.
  • For more information (see testimonials).

Historical Background

In the Wayang (oriental popular 'opera') traditions of Java in Indonesia, Anantaboga is the king of the dragons in the underworld and holds the world of the dead as his domain. He is the father and husband of dewi Nagagini.

In modern times the 'Ananta-Boga-Dragon' is seen as the most important symbol in Bali for the earth's fertility.