Mission Name Anagnorisis
Number 4-5-1
Items Needed Adoulin's Refuge,
Arciela's Grace,
or Ygnas's Resolve
Reward None
Repeatable No
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Balamor, the Deathborne Xol Just the Thing


  • Trade the necklace you received from The Lightsland (either Adoulin's Refuge, Arciela's Grace, or Ygnas's Resolve) to Ploh Trishbahk to end this mission and begin the next mission.
    • The necklace is lost when you do this, but you will receive an upgraded version in a later mission.
    • No cutscene happens for this and the log window does not show that the necklace was removed from your inventory, but you will find that it is if you check your inventory.
    • If you threw away your necklace, then you must contact a GM and request an item restore. Square will likely add a workaround in a future update.
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