Mission Name Anagnorisis
Number 4-5-1
Items Needed Adoulin's Refuge,
Arciela's Grace,
or Ygnas's Resolve
Reward None
Repeatable No
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Balamor, the Deathborne Xol Just the Thing


  • Trade the necklace you received from The Lightsland (either Adoulin's Refuge, Arciela's Grace, or Ygnas's Resolve) to Ploh Trishbahk to end this mission and begin the next mission.
    • The necklace is lost when you do this, but you will receive an upgraded version in a later mission.
    • When you trade your necklace, Ploh Trishbahk says: "Yes , this "Necklace Name" does look to be the keepsake they rrequested."
    • If you threw away your necklace, then you must contact a GM and request an item restore. Square will likely add a workaround in a future update.
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