Start NPC Stray Cloud - Norg (H-9)
Requirements Tenshodo Reputation: 4
Repeatable No
Reward Light Buckler


Sea Serpent Grotto Composite

Composite Map

  • Talk to Stray Cloud in Norg for a cutscene to start the quest.
  • Head towards Sea Serpent Grotto; before you zone you will receive a cutscene.
  • Enter Sea Serpent Grotto and go to K-6, to the ??? in the open room.
  • Click on the ??? and an NM will appear, a Sea Monk by the name of Glyryvilu. The main damage from it is the Cross Attack special that it does often, which can do between 300-1025 damage, which can be absorbed by shadows. It can be debuffed.
  • After the battle, click on the ??? again to receive a cut-scene and the Caliginous Blade (key item).
    • Either waiting too long or zoning will cause the NM to respawn. ((See testimonials for more information)).
  • Return to Norg and talk with Stray Cloud for cutscene that completes the quest.

Game Description

Stray Cloud (Quay, Norg)
Find Stray Cloud's friend Gubokka in the Sea Serpent Grotto.
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