«FFXI-Movie» 0294 - An Understanding Overlord?

Game Script

An Understanding Overlord? - Monastic Cavern
Loo Kohor: Kukhu...

Hahmkyanmho khoronhma-sahlmi, chakgon buhim!

Loo Kohor: Kweh?
Kharabom, tspoluhi...!
Ahk! What business have you here!?

Loo Kohor: (Though merely exchanging words with a heretic heathen can be punished with an eternity of damnation, the almighty Tzee Xicu will surely forgive me for what I am about to do...)

Loo Kohor: Ahem...kwahk!
I am Loo Kohor, servant of Tzee Xicu the Manifest. I have traveled from mighty Castle Oztroja in the mountains of Aragoneu to deliver a message to the Orcs.

Loo Kohor: However, it seems that information of my visit has not been relayed to the lower ranks of the Orcish army.

Loo Kohor: And as you probably already know, the oversized swine do not make a habit of asking many questions before they proceed in prodding you with on of their pointy weapons.

Loo Kohor: Alright.
Adventurer, are you not?

Loo Kohor: I hear tales that your type will do just about anything...if the price is right.

  • Say Yes.

Loo Kohor: Kwah!
So the rumors are true. In the shadow of gold, your faith is lost. What pitiful creatures you are...

Loo Kohor: However, I am not one to judge those who have chosen to walk their path in darkness.
I need you to deliver this parchment to the Orcish Overlord. You will be paid upon your return.

  • Say Yes.

Loo Kohor: Kwahah! Excellent.
...Hm? Not thinking of walking into Orc lair looking like that, are we?

Loo Kohor: The pathetic barbarians would slice you into ribbons and serve your flesh to the Overlord for supper. A disguise is what you need.

Loo Kohor: Why not skin one of the grunts and use its thick leather to make yourself a mask to hide that repulsive face?

Loo Kohor: I shall be waiting for you here when you have made your preperations.

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