Start NPC Ovjang - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10)
Requirements KeyItemCaptain Wildcat Badge
Items Needed KeyItemRunic Key
Vigil weapon
See items required for individual objectives below
Repeatable No
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  • This is the first of several quests specifically involved in the upgrade of Mythic Weapons.
  • After receiving Captain Wildcat Badge walk into Salaheem's Sentinels. The quest cutscene will begin when you reach the second ramp.
  • Obtain a KeyItemRunic Key and a Vigil Weapon dropped from any NM in Nyzul Isle Investigation, and then trade the Nyzul Weapon of your choice to Abquhbah.
    • Trade the weapon you want to do the Mythic weapon quest for.
    • Abquhbah refuses to accept weapons if you do not possess a KeyItemRunic Key.
    • If you have previously completed a Mythic weapon, you must first receive your original weapon back from Abquhbah. It sounds scary, but it's okay, you already finished it.
  • You receive three objectives, requiring that you defeat or already have defeated certain Notorious Monsters:

To Purge a Beastking

Requirements Access to Aht Urhgan
Items Needed One alliance member only:
Halvung Brass Key
Halvung Shakudo Key
Halvung Bronze Key
for Gurfurlur the Menacing
One alliance member only:
Lamian Fang Key
Lamian Claw Key
Lamian Bone Key
for Medusa
One alliance member only:
Mamook Tanscale Key
Mamook Blackscale Key
Mamook Silverscale Key
for Gulool Ja Ja
Title Granted Troll Subjugator
Shining Scale Rifler
Gorgonstone Sunderer

To Demolish a Chariot

Requirements Aht Urhgan Mission 17: Guests of the Empire completed
Items Needed KeyItemRemnants Permit for each Salvage boss
Title Granted Comet Charioteer
Sun Charioteer
Star Charioteer
Moon Charioteer

To Banish an Archfiend

Requirements 6 to 36 players, level 60 and above, to enter Einherjar
Glowing Lamp
Items Needed One of the following:
KeyItemRossweisse's feather
KeyItemGrimgerde's feather
or KeyItemSiegrune's feather
One of the following:
KeyItemHelmwige's feather
KeyItemSchwertleite's feather
or KeyItemWaltraute's feather
One of the following:
KeyItemOrtlinde's feather
KeyItemGerhilde's feather
or KeyItemBrunhilde's feather
Title Granted Elite Einherjar


  • Speaking to Naja after starting the quest gives you the option to have Naja review each of the three objectives (Chariots/Beastkings/Odin) with you. After you complete one of the three objectives, she no longer offers it as an option for review. Until one category is complete, however, she does not acknowledge any sort of progress. You do not need to currently have the title (or titles) in order for Naja to be aware that you have defeated an NM.
  • Once you have defeated all eight NMs, return to and speak with Naja Salaheem.
    • If you had already beaten all 8 NMs before flagging the quest, simply speak to Naja Salaheem immediately after receiving your objectives to complete the quest.


  • When replaying the cutscenes for this quest at Tsih Kolgimih, you are given the option to choose which weapon is turned in, or to "randomly fork one over."

Game Description

Ovjang (Salaheem's Sentinels, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Locate and retrieve the ancient weapons stolen from the Imperial Treasury. Quartz transmitters planted on the weapons indicate that they lay somewhere in the deepest ruins of Nyzul Isle...
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