Mission Name: An Errand! The Professor's Price
Start NPC: None

Orb of Batons
Orb of Cups
Orb of Coins
and/or Orb of Swords See below
5,000 Gil

Suggested Level: 50+
Title: None
Reward: Ripe Starfruit
Peach coral key

500 experience points

Previous Mission: Curses! A Horrifically Harrowing Hex
Next Mission: Shock! Arrant Abuse of Authority
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  • Obtain one or more of the Orb of Batons, Orb of Cups, Orb of Coins, and Orb of Swords key item from Cardians in the Outer Horutoto Ruins.
    • Any level non-event Cardian can drop the Key Item associated with its name.
    • Only one of the orbs is required to start the fight, but the more orbs obtained reduced the number of Cardians you must fight later on and weaken them to certain types of damage.
    • Each party member who wishes to receive credit for the fight needs at least one of the key items.
    • Similar to the flower NMs in sea, each party member in the zone at the time will receive the key item if it drops.
    • Each orb will allow the party possessing the orb to do one type of damage:
    • Warning: The drop rate is absolutely abysmal. <- I got 3 of the items in less than 10 minutes, perhaps the drop rate has been altered?
Orb of Cups: Piercing
Orb of Coins: Magic
Orb of Batons: Blunt
Orb of Swords: Slashing
  • Head into Outer Horutoto Ruins from (H-3) in East Sarutabaruta.
  • There is a ??? located on an Ancient Magical Gizmo directly opposite the entrance, examining it will give you the option to start the fight.
  • After all the Cardians are defeated, you will automatically obtain the Ripe Starfruit and Peach Coral Key key items.
  • Return to Shantotto, who will ask you to meet her in Jeuno and demand 5000 gil for her services.
    • You must eventually pay her to progress. If you decline paying her, you must change areas and speak to her again. However, the added CS you get when you don't pay is worth the hassle of zoning.
  • Return to the Inconspicuous Door for a cutscene.


  • Clicking the ??? will spawn 5-20 Custom Cardian mobs. They must all be defeated to win.
    • The number of cardians is dependent upon the number of key item Orbs the person who starts the battle had in his or her possession. For each additional orb, the number of cardians is reduced by 5.
    • The person who activates the battle will set the Cardians' resistances. (ie. You will not deal Piercing damage if the trader does not have an Orb of Cups key item, even if you have the key item).
    • Damage Over Time spells and effects will still deal damage as usual if the trader has not received the Orb of Coins, though the initial damage from Dia or Bio will not.
    • A party member without any Orbs or the expansion may still participate, and will be able to deal damage as long as the person who activates the battle used the appropriate orb. (ie. A War without any Orbs may deal slashing damage if an Orb of Swords was held by the person who activates.)
  • The Custom Cardians are highly susceptible to Sleep & Sleepga, they Cure IV and have around 500 HP.
  • All party members will lose all key items upon initiating the battle.
  • You will also be put in Level Restriction and Confrontation status effects. However the battle is not capped and buffs are not lost once the battle starts.
    • Since you get the confrontation status from the fight you will lose all pets you have out.
  • The fight is limited to a single party (the party of the member who initiates the battle in the case of an alliance) (see testimonials).
  • Initiating the fight with sneak on will NOT prevent the cardians from aggroing you when they pop.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The Professor consents to lend you her aid, but as expected, there's a price to be paid. Within a Cardian in the Outer Horutoto Ruins lies the reagent she does seek; return it to her, that you might avert a fate most bleak!

Game Script

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