«FFXI-Movie» 0380 BLU 1 - An Empty Vessel

«FFXI-Movie» 0380 BLU 1 - An Empty Vessel

«FFXI-Movie» An Empty Vessel (Optional)

«FFXI-Movie» An Empty Vessel (Optional)

Game Script

An Empty Vessel - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Waoud: Ah, a visitor from foreign shores. Greetings.

I am Waoud, a humble seer of Al Zahbi.
Waoud: I divine from your appearance that you hail from the western continent...
A place we here know as the “Middle Lands.”
An adventurer, yes?
Waoud: The Empire of Aht Urhgan recruits mercenaries on a grand scale, as she does all things.
Our meager city has become a scurrying anthill of activity.
Waoud: But you did not come to hear simple gossip.
Destiny brought you to me, and it is of destiny I shall speak.
I require less coin from adventurers for my divinations, considering their...uncertain employment.
Waoud: Most excellent.
I shall now proceed to ask you several questions.
Waoud: My divinations follow a somewhat unorthodox process.
Answer truthfully and all shall be revealed.

Waoud: What is destiny?
Waoud: Does the accomplishment of a goal require sacrifice and hardship?
Waoud: You hold in your hands a forbidden scroll. Reading it will bring you untold wisdom, but cost all that you own.
Waoud: If the loss of one life would save ten thousand, would you offer yourself without hesitation?
Waoud: Would you choose a tumultuous life where fame or fortune were attainable, or a tranquil life where both were forever beyond your reach?
Waoud: You stand on the precipice between life and death. Would you choose to live life as a beast if it would save you from falling into the shadowy abyss of the underworld?
Waoud: A companion in battle turns against you, raising a weapon to attack.
Waoud: A loved one is afflicted with a terrible illness and has little time left to live.
You are asked to end that life by your own hand.
Waoud: You are in the midst of a fierce battle.
The enemy lying at your feet was once a friend.
His breath is ragged and weak.
Waoud: A superior to whom you owe a great debt orders you to act in a way that violates your sense of justice.

Waoud: Thank you for your patience. The answers you have provided will be most helpful in my divination. Let us look upon what has been revealed...
Waoud: Sky, Flame, Gale, Stone, and Spring.
I see all five serpent symbols...
This sign heralds a turning point in your destiny.
Waoud: A time will come when you must choose one of two paths.
The road you walk will be entirely up to you...
Waoud: Even I cannot ascertain what awaits you at the end of each path.
Yet one must be chosen nonetheless.
Waoud: This choice cannot be avoided...

Waoud: ...My divination is at an end.
Have I unsettled you?
Waoud: Ahahaha.
A seer I may be, but I suggest you take these divinations with a light heart--no matter what the signs suggest.
Waoud: Should a sign prove to be the gentle push that was needed, then consider it a blessing.
Waoud: Now comes the matter of payment...
I am told that an object of incredible rarity can be found in the Middle Lands.
Waoud: Would you consider bringing me this prize in place of common coin?
Waoud: To be truthful, the one who wishes to gaze upon this object is my own bedridden mother.
A final wish from a curious old lady...
Waoud: Do not concern yourself with haste. My dear mother clings to life with surprising ferocity.
Waoud: The object of which I speak is precious in the Near East, but worth precious little elsewhere...
Waoud: The treasure I would have you seek is a precious stone.
It is said to be as red as blood and found in a land of geysers.
Waoud: The discovery of this object is apparently made easier under very particular conditions, but I am not sufficiently familiar with the geography of your continent to even know where to start.
Waoud: I cannot provide you with the name of this treasure, but perhaps with your knowledge...
Waoud: ...My apologies.
You do not need to hear the woes of some street-corner fortuneteller.
Waoud: In fact, I shall not ask payment of you this day.
And please forget my unreasonable request.
May fortune smile upon you...

An Empty Vessel - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Waoud: Are you sure of this?

A thousand thousand blessings on your house!
I am speechless with gratitude...
Waoud: Again, my apologies!
I know not the name of this object, but I do remember some clues...
Waoud: The treasure I would have you seek is a precious stone.
It is said to be as red as blood and found in a land of geysers.
Waoud: The discovery of this object is apparently made easier under very particular conditions, but I cannot provide you with any more details. My original source of information returned home to the Middle Lands before I could learn more.
Waoud: But with your knowledge of that continent, you may have a chance...
Waoud: May the winds of fortune guide you!

An Empty Vessel - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Waoud: Yes! This is the wondrous Dangruf Stone the traveler spoke of!

Waoud: Ah...
Waoud: To be perfectly honest, it was the mother of a colleague who wished to gaze upon this treasure...
Waoud: I am afraid I have another favor to ask you...
Would you consent to deliver this to my colleague?
I cannot leave the city, you see...
Waoud: A thousand thousand apologies.
Waoud: My colleague is currently part of an Imperial patrol that apprehends desecrators of the ruins found in the Aydeewa Subterrane.
Waoud: The Aydeewa Subterrane runs beneath Bhaflau Thickets.
May the winds of fortune guide you.

An Empty Vessel - Aydeewa Subterrane
Yasfel: Ah...

The new potential...
Yasfel: I am Yasfel of the Immortals.
Yasfel: I regret to inform you that the Dangruf Stone you have brought me was nothing more than a ruse.
Yasfel: We merely wished to test the limits of your innermost desire for power.
Yasfel: Yes...
We needed to gauge your “suitability”...
Yasfel: You undertook what was, in essence, an unreasonable request, and completed the task admirably.
Such commitment is worthy of praise...
Yasfel: But it all comes back to your search for power...
Yasfel: I stand before you as one who holds the only key to unlocking your potential.
Yasfel: Naturally, this power comes at a price.
Something precious will be lost to you.
Yasfel: Though you may not even notice it is missing...
Yasfel: If you are willing to pay the price...
Yasfel: If you truly desire the power that a blue mage wields...
Yasfel: Take my hand...
(If you decline)
Yasfel: You choose the safer path.
Yasfel: So be it...
Yasfel: I will ask you one more question.
Do you feel any regrets in your decision?
(If you accept)
Yasfel: Your belongs to the Empress and the Empire...

An Empty Vessel - Somewhere in the Imperial Ward
???: ...

The potential is ready for your inspection.
???: Her cobalt levels were very low, and I was afraid this would be another failure. But she somehow clawed her way back from the edge of death.
???: Hmph. Her answers were not entirely truthful.
???: You were the one who transplanted this!
???: This...
...loathsome Ahriman lens!
???: Hold your tongues.
She awakens...
Raubahn: Congratulations, (Player).
Welcome to the ranks of the blue mages.
Raubahn: However, at this moment you are but an empty vessel--a base creature, weaker than the most ordinary mortal.
Raubahn: A blue mage must wrest her strength and vitality from her enemies.
Raubahn: Show me your hunger for unrivaled power!
Raubahn: This is the only guidance I shall give you.
Wathdeeh: If you prove your worth, you may one day find a place among the Immortals.

An Empty Vessel - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Waoud: Do you wish to gaze upon the tapestry that fate has woven for you?

I require less coin from adventurers for my divinations, considering their...uncertain employment.

An Empty Vessel - ???
Raubahn: You had no reason to return here...

Raubahn: Why do you stand before me...?
Raubahn: You have made the sacrifice and joined the ranks of the blue mages.
Raubahn: What more could you desire?
You are a vessel, newly made...
Raubahn: How you fill that vessel is entirely up to you.
Raubahn: As you perfect the arts of the blue mage, you will feel blue magic taking root in your very bones.
Raubahn: However, attempting to harness a power that overflows your ability to hold it is a sure road to destruction...
Raubahn: You would do well to remember that.
Raubahn: So what are you to do?
Raubahn: Hehe... The answer is simple.
Grow in strength until your body can withstand the power you desire.
The vessel you have become can be tempered and expanded.
Raubahn: You were told:
“A blue mage must wrest her strength and vitality from her enemies.”
Raubahn: Show me the depths of your desire for power...
Raubahn: If you can uncover the strength within you to rival my insight...
...But I have said too much.
Raubahn: (Player).
Go forth and devour the essence of your foes.

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