In Monstrosity, leveling up monipulators allows you to learn an instinct every 30 levels. The following instincts are all from Amorphs.

Instinct NameEffectFaculty

Slime (MON)
Slime Instinct I Defense+20 Resist Bind+20 Physical Damage Taken-2% 4
Slime Instinct II Trans Water+70 Attack+15 Physical Damage Taken-2% 6
Slime Instinct III HP+5% Resist Stun+20 Physical Damage Taken-5% 8
Hecteyes (MON)
Hecteyes Instinct I HP+1% DEX+3 Accuracy+15 4
Hecteyes Instinct II MP+1% INT+10 Magic Accuracy+10 6
Hecteyes Instinct III Magic Attack Bonus+5 Resist Sleep+70 Refresh+2 8
Flan (MON)
Flan Instinct I MP+5% INT+5 Resist Silence+40 6
Flan Instinct II Magic Accuracy+15 Magic Attack Bonus+10 Fast Cast+10 8
Flan Instinct III MND+5 Magic Accuracy+10 Quick Magic+12 10
Leech (MON)
Leech Instinct I STR+2 DEX+2 Double Attack+1% 2
Leech Instinct II Trans Water+75 Haste+2% Critical Hit Rate+1% 4
Leech Instinct III Ice Trans IceMagic Attack Bonus+15 6
Slug (MON)
Slug Instinct I HP+3% VIT+20 Physical Damage Taken-2% 4
Slug Instinct II STR+7 DEF+50 Water Trans WaterMagic Attack Bonus+10 6
Slug Instinct III Absorbs Water Damage 20
Sandworm (MON)
Sandworm Instinct I HP+3% Trans Earth+120 Attack+22 6
Sandworm Instinct II DEX+12 Trans Lightning+120 Accuracy+20 8
Sandworm Instinct III HP+5% Attack+50 Earth Trans EarthMagic Attack Bonus+20 10
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