Amir Armor Set.jpg

A flexible and durable set of armor, forged in the Near Eastern land of Aht Urhgan, the Amir armor set is issued by the Empire to adventurers completing various Assault missions for the nation at the cost of 20,000 Assault Points per piece. Wearable by only a few of the heavier-armored jobs, the Amir gear provides the highest stat boosts in Attack, Evasion, and Accuracy, but also provides minor boosts to other stats. Also notable is the added resistance to magic and breath damage - 8% of damage from these sources, in fact - but only if the wearer equips the entire set.

Number of Pieces: 5

Cost to store: 1000g

Can be stored with a Porter Moogle using Storage Slip 01.

Set Summary

Historical Background

An amir (often spelled "emir") is a high title of nobility or office, used in Arabic nations of the Middle East and North Africa, and historically, in some Turkic states. Amir, meaning "chieftain" or "commander", is derived from the Arabic root Amr, "command". Sometimes used to refer to a prince.