(Other Uses: 266g sell price from Ghebi Damomohe with max Norg fame)
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{{Used In
{{Used In
| guild points value = none
| guild points value = none
| resale price = {{Resale Price|260|265}}
| resale price = {{Resale Price|260|266}}
==Synthesis Recipes==
==Synthesis Recipes==

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Amigo Cactus



An Amigo Cactus in a Windurstian mog house.

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Amigo cactus
The male variety of a magical cactus
cultivated in the vicinity of
Fort Karugo-Narugo.
<Trans Fire STG: 2>
Moghancement: Region
Aura Strength: 4
Placement: Floor or table
Dimensions: 1x1
*The flower will glow at night (~18:00 to ~4:30).

Other UsesEdit

Resale Price: 260~266 gil

Synthesis RecipesEdit

Woodworking (54/65), Alchemy (16/27)
Yield: Amigo Cactus x 1
Water Crystal

Used in RecipesEdit

  • None

Desynthesis RecipeEdit


Obtained From DesynthesisEdit

  • None

How to ObtainEdit

Auction House Category: Furnishings ( )

Only obtainable through synthesis.

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