Rigid Porcelain

Face off against the Magic Pot Rigid Porcelain and its allies. The main gimmick of the fight is that each Magic Pot grants its allies and the players fighting it a bonus when it is defeated. However, the bonuses to its allies do not appear to be particularly potent, and none of the Magic Pots behave differently as they are defeated.

Encountered Foes

The fight ends when all foes are defeated.

Difficulty Settings

The Difficulty Setting determines only the stats of the encountered foes.

Battle Mechanics

Passive Traits
Rigid Porcelain:

  • When defeated, grants 3000 TP to everyone.[1][2]

Glistening Cazuela:

  • When defeated, resets everyones ability re-use timers to zero.

Mystical Terracotta:

  • When defeated, restores all HP and MP to everyone.

Abilities Used

Spells Cast: Rigid Porcelain:

  • None.

Glistening Cazuela:

Mystical Terracotta

Where to get your Primer:


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