Carousing Clot

Face off against the Slime Carousing Clot and its spawns. Carousing Clot has a substantial Damage Taken Down trait at the start of the fight, which can be gradually reduced by defeating its spawns.

Encountered Foes

The fight ends when Carousing Clot is defeated.

Difficulty Settings

The Difficulty Settings determines only the stats of Carousing Clot

Battle Mechanics

Passive Traits
Carousing Clot:

  • Takes tremendously decreased damage of all types. As per its species, takes more magical than physical damage.
    • As adds are defeated, this damage reduction gradually reduces. With every add death, the damage taken reduction appears to go down by about 5%.[1]

Ogdoad Slime:

  • Strong Regain trait? Exclamation
  • Only has 8 HP on any difficulty.
    • Only takes 1 damage from any attack.

Mirthful Mandragora:

  • Takes full damage from all attacks.
  • Does not attack players
  • Emits a moderate Refresh/Regain (25 MP, 50 TP every 3 seconds) aura that affects players within a small radius.
  • Spawns with a DOT effect active on itself. Will eventually die without being attacked.

Abilities Used
Carousing Clot:

  • Fluid Toss, Fluid Spread
  • Epoxy Spread: AOE Bind + Enmity Reset on affected targets
  • Mucus Spread: AOE Slow II (overwrites Haste II).
  • Summon Ally: This will either be an Ogdoad Slime or Mirthful Mandragora. More than one add of each type can be up at any given moment.

Ogdoad Slime:

Spells Cast

  • None.

Where to get your Primer:


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