Bozzetto Bomb

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This month's V2 encounter is a relay against a series of several Bombkin. You only ever fight one opponent at a time, and when one is defeated the next will immediately appear. The relay's 'route' is determined by requirements that must be met and can force a rare golden bomb to appear and grant bonus Hallmarks.

Encountered Foes

The fight ends when a second Bozzetto Cluster is defeated.

Difficulty Settings

The Difficulty Settings determines only the stats of your foes. Difficulty settings do not appear to have an effect on the odds of a Golden Bomb appearing.[1]

Battle Mechanics

There are multiple 'routes' to the relay of monsters, which depends on how the Bomb and first Cluster are defeated. The most common route is:
Bomb > Snoll > Cluster > Djinn > Cluster.

The Bozzetto Bomb's size can be organized into three states. It's "Normal" size is set at the start of the battlefield, and damage of different types will have an effect on its growth or shrinkage.[2]

  • Physical damage causes the bomb to grow in size.
  • Magic damage causes the bomb to shrink in size.

The next foe to spawn will depend on the size of the Bomb when it is defeated.

  • Defeating the Bomb while it is "Normal" sized forces a Spheroid to spawn next.
  • Defeating the Bomb while it is smaller than "Normal" sized forces a Bombette to spawn next.
  • Defeating the Bomb while it is larger than "Normal" sized forces a Snoll to spawn next.

After any of the above routes are concluded, a Cluster will spawn. What follows the Cluster depends on how many times it is allowed to use Self-Destruct.

  • 0~1 times: A Djinn will spawn next.
  • Exactly twice: A Golden Bomb will spawn next.
  • 3 times: A Bombette will spawn next.

Golden Bombs have a small chance to spawn after a Bombette, Djinn, or Snoll is defeated. Golden Bombs will always spawn after a Spheroid is defeated.[3]

Up to two Golden Bombs may appear during the encounter.

Passive Traits
Bozzetto Bomb:

  • Grows in size when taking physical damage. Shrinks when taking magic damage.

Bozzetto Spheroid:

  • Low HP, but only takes 1 damage from any attack.[4]

Bozzetto Cluster:

  • Has significantly more HP the second time.

Abilities Used
Bozzetto Bomb:

Bozzetto Cluster:

  • Refueling - Haste
  • Self-Destruct - Deals heavy aoe damage. Destroys one bomb from the cluster. If only one bomb remains, deals extra damage.
  • Formation Attack - Single target physical damage. Absorbed by 2-3 shadows. Only used if more than one bomb remainds in the cluster.
  • Sling Bomb - Single target physical damage.
  • Circle of Flames - AOE physical damage + weight. Absorbed by multiple shadows.

Bozzetto Snoll:

Bozzetto Djinn:

Bozzetto Bombette:

Bozzetto Spheroid:

  • Information Needed

Bozzetto Golden Bomb:

Spells Cast

Where to get your Primer:


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