July 2018

Volume 1: Yagudo

Face off against up to six Yagudo

  • Borzetto Conjurer (SMN) + Garuda
  • Borzetto Lyricist (BRD)
  • Borzetto Stormbringer (BLM)
  • Borzetto Sworddsman (SAM)
  • Borzetto Brawler (MNK). Appears on Difficult and higher difficulties
  • Borzetto Shinobi (NIN). Appears on Very Difficult

Everything is susceptible to sleep. The Borzetto Stormbringer primarily casts high-tier AOE Elemental magic but will also cast Silencega. While Garuda is alive, the Conjurer gains a significant boost to evasion, magic evasion and has a damage+slow spike aura. The Conjurer can only use Astral Flow if Garuda is alive. At higher difficulties, the Conjurer will use Astral Flow multiple times at fixed HP remaining thresholds. If Garuda is resummoned after the Conjurer has been dropped below multiple health thresholds to have triggered Astral Flow, Garuda may use it back-to-back. The Conjurer has access to normal Yagudo TP attacks and Dark Invocation (Darkness Damage}}), Shirahadori (AOE physical damage, Knockback + Bind) and Kamaitachi (High AOE physical damage, knockback + full Dispel). Howl + Minuet + Kamaitachi is frequently lethal, especially back to back as Protect is easily dispelled by Kamaitachi.

Where to get the Key Item: Meriphataud Mountains (S), either via Recall-Meriph or the Survival Guide.

Volume 2: Aquans

Face off against the Craklaw Carcinus and their helpers

  • Carcinus
  • Vanguard Crab
  • Calappa Calappa (courier crab type)

Carcinus's normal melee attacks are area of effect like every other Craklaw. Will periodically summon Crab adds. Carcinus has high physical defense but is vulnerable to magic damage. Has a TP move that resets aggro and binds everybody it hits in an area of effect. Vanguard Crab has very high physical defense but very low magic defense. Calappa Calappa has very low physical defense. Defeating Calappa Calappa restores MP to nearby players.

Where to get the Key Item: Rala Waterways (G-6)/(H-6), Marjami Ravine (Bivouac #2), Foret de Hennetiel (Frontier Station)

August 2018

Volume 1: Demons

Face off against the Master Manipulator and between 3 and 8 Borzetto Imps, depending on the difficulty setting.

Where to get the Key Item: Castle Zvahl Keep (S), Home Point #1 or Xarcabard (S), Home Point #1.

Volume 2: Elementals

Face off against Turgmam and her summoned Blazing Effigy helpers.

  • Turgmam takes the form of a Female Hume Mannequin.
    • She has perpetual, undispellable Blaze Spikes up from the beginning of the fight.
    • She absorbs Fire-based damage, including skillchains that include it as a property like Liquefaction, Fusion and Light.
    • Armed with a Great Sword, she will use high-level weaponskills like Scourge, Dimidiation, and Spinning Slash. Her TP gain is high enough that she can self-skillchain Light on the tank.
    • Turgmam will stop to cast single target and AOE Fire Elemental Magic on the party.
    • Turgmam will periodically summon a Blazing Effigy. There is no summoning animation, they just appear next to her as the fight goes on. There does not appear to be an upper limit to how many can be up, and the number summoned at once seems dependent on the number of skillchains performed on Turgmam since the last set spawned.Information
  • A Blazing Effigy is a Fire Elemental, without the usual resistance to physical damage. When defeated, it performs an SP ability animation and falls to the ground.

Where to get the Key Item: Ru'Aun Gardens, via any of the warp points. Cirdas Caverns is full of Umbrils as well.

September 2018

Volume 1: Lamiae

Face off against 3 Lamiae

The Freyja is susceptible to Piercing damage

The Skathi is susceptible to Blunt damage

The Frigg is susceptible to Slashing damage

All 3 enemies will use Eagle Eye Shot simultaneously on their respective targets at 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% health remaining on the Freyja. If the Freyja is still alive when the Skathi or Frigg are defeated, they will respawn immediately.[2]

Each Lamia uses a "Disregard" TP move causes status effects in an area centered on the caster on targets not currently facing the caster. The circumstances of their use varies with the selected battlefield Difficulty

  • Very Difficult: All 3 lamiae will use their Dance and Disregard moves at will
  • Difficult. The Frigg will not use her Dance move until after the Freyja has been defeated.
  • Normal. No Disregard moves are used. Frigg will not use her Dance move until after Freyja has been defeated
  • Easy and Very Easy: No Disregard moves are used. The Skathi and the Frigg will not use their Dance moves until after the Freyja is defeated.

On lower difficulties, each Lamia has a much longer cast time on their respective "Dance" moves, giving people in range ample time to turn around and avoid their effects.

At low health, all three Lamiae gain an intense Regain effect.

If the primary aggro target fails to face a Lamia for 4 seconds (on VD, unknown duration on easier difficulties), it causes them to glow with an aura, triggering them to ignore their aggro tables until the aura is removed. Removing the aura seems to be a matter of simply having the primary aggro target face them again.[3]

TP Moves:
Freyja Vulnerable to Piercing Damage.

Skathi Vulnerable to Blunt Damage

Frigg Vulnerable to Slashing Damage.

Spells cast:

Where to get your Primer: Arrapago Reef, Map 3 (E-7) (Adjacent to the Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point), Arrapago Reef, Map 3 (J-6), the KeyItemCS Wildcat Badge Deserter Assault Mission, or the KeyItemSM Wildcat Badge Azure Experiments Assault Mission. There are stray Lamiae outside the Reef but not large groups of them.

Volume 2: Vermin

Face off against Kulpercorpion, the Scorpion.

Susceptible to Paralysis, Addle and Gravity. Immune to Break, Sleep and Silence. High resistance to (Poison)

TP Moves:

Spells Cast:

  • Comet - Instant cast. May cast this as a retaliatory move. Resets hate.
  • Meteor - Long casting time. Will begin casting this at critical health.


Where to get your Primer: Ceizak Battlegrounds (bov #2 wasp & hornets) has vermin everywhere.

October 2018

Volume 2: Velkk

Face off against up to 4 Velkk

The configuration of the enemy group depends on the difficulty

  • Very Easy: The Regent is alone
  • Easy: The Regent is joined by a BLM
  • Normal: The Regent is joined by a DRK and PLD
  • Difficult: All four enemies are present
  • Very Difficult: All four enemies are present

All adds are susceptible to Sleep, Gravity, Stun, Paralysis and Silence.

When a Servitor dies, all remaining foes level up.[5]

After the BLM Servitor dies, the Regent will take 0 damage from Skillchains and Magic Bursts.[6]

The Borzetto Regent's normal auto attacks possess Additional Effect: Bind. One of its normal auto attacks has a very wide AOE range, making a clean opening pull challenging.

The four Velkk have a built-in damage reduction when attacked from the front.

All Servitors will use their respective SP abilities.

TP Moves:
Borzetto Regent

  • Nobless Oblige - Levels up. Cures for 15% of total health. Triggered after receiving 25k damage in a single attack. Also uses this in retaliation for any Servitor being defeated. After any Servitor is dead, it will continue to use this move after receiving 40k damage in a single attack[7]. Nullified damage still counts towards this total.[8]
  • Sovereign's Edict - Resets aggro on any remaining adds. Gains a Magic Shield for 15 seconds. Triggers Adds to use their SP ability. The Magic Shield effect is functionally identical to Elemental Sforzo and cannot be dispelled, but can be taken with Larceny.
  • Croctastrophe - Severe 30' AOE Damage
  • Velkkan Ambush - Front AOE Damage + Dispel. Takes up to 4 buffs. Exclamation
  • Coming Through - Front AOE damage. Absorbed by 2 shadows.
  • Galumph - 15' AOE Damage, Stun, Attack Down
  • Merciless Mauling - Front AOE damage. Absorbed by 2 shadows.

Borzetto Servitor

Spells cast:
Borzetto Regent

Borzetto Servitor (BLM)

Where to get your Primer: Marjami Ravine (K-9). Take the Bivouac #1 waypoint and climb down to the lower level, or take the Bivouac #2 waypoint and enter the small tunnel at J-10, working your way to the Incursion entrance.

Volume 2: Undead

Face off against Lancer Jack, a Taru Fomor, assisted by undead summoned throughout the fight

Lancer Jack will summon helpers in 3 separate waves at 91%, 66% and 33% health, accompanied by a SP ability animation.

  • Very Easy and Normal: Jack summons one helper per wave
  • Normal and Difficult: Jack summons two helpers per wave
  • Very Difficult: Jack summons 3 helpers per wave

Lancer Jack appears to have a Damage Taken reduction mechanic. Unknown what triggers it. Being a Fomor, the Banish line of spells should be expected to remove it.Information

All adds are susceptible to Lullaby.

TP Moves:
Lancer Jack

Spooky Skeleton

Spooky Hound

Spooky Ghost

Spells cast:
Lancer Jack

Spooky Skeleton

  • None

Spooky Hound

  • None

Spooky Ghost

  • None

Where to get your Primer:

  • Xarcabard (S) has many skeletons, corpselights and ghosts a short ride from the home point.
  • Escha - Zi'Tah is swarming with undead north of Eschan Portal #4
  • Fei'Yin has a handful ghosts near Home Point #1

November 2018

Volume 1: Trolls

Face off against the Bozetto Bruiser and his allies

Regardless of difficulty, the Bruiser is always present at the start of the battle. When engaged, he will summon helpers of two types:

Very Easy, Easy and Normal: Upon engaging the Bruiser, he will summon two allies

Difficult: Upon engaging the Bruiser, he will summon four allies

Very Difficult: A dahak ally Zahhak is present at the start of the fight. Upon engaging the Bruiser, he will summon four allies

Approximately 15 seconds after engaging, all Trolls will receive an aura that grants them a potent damage taken reduction bonus, as well as unlocking the use of Pleiades Ray and Supersonic by the Bruiser. This aura can be removed by performing physical weaponskills to the Sharpshooters and magical weaponskills to the Justiciar. Once the aura is removed from all the adds, it is removed from the Bruiser. The aura will reappear 15 seconds after it has been removed.[9] If adds are killed before the Bruiser is defeated, the aura cannot be dispelled from the Bruiser.[10]. The small adds have no way of gaining the aura if the Bruiser is dead.

The common strategy employs the following kill order: Zahak > Bruiser > Everything Else. With the enemies grouped up in front of the tank, Area of Effect Weapon Skills are effective at removing the aura without melee needing to switch targets.

AoE Elemental Weapon Skills:


AoE Physical Weapon Skills:


Great Axe:

Great Sword



TP Moves:
All Foes:




  • Sledgehammer - Front AOE Damage + Petrification
  • Incessant Fists - 5-hits of physical damage to current target.
  • Head Snatch - Reduces target's HP to 10% of remaining HP. Ignores shadows, defense and Stoneskin. Does not remove Stoneskin.
  • Head Seize (VD Only) - Reduces target's HP to 1% of remaining HP. Ignores shadows, defense and Stoneskin. Does not remove Stoneskin. Resets Enmity on current target.
  • Draw In - In retaliation to spells being cast on it from range.

Bruiser (Only when aura is up):

  • Supersonic - Magic Shield to all allies in range. Absorbs all magic damage for the duration
  • Pleiades Ray - AOE Damage, Petrification, Paralysis, Silence, Plague, Poison and Slow.


  • Voidsong - Dispels all buffs from foes in range. Locked out with Silence
  • Nullsong - Dispels all buffs from foes in range, dealing damage proportional to the number of buffs dispelled. Locked out with Silence.
  • Petro Eyes - Gaze attack that inflicts Petrification.
  • Body Slam - AOE Physical damage to foes in range.

Each Troll has access to their respective SP abilities for their jobs (Hundred Fists, Invincible and Eagle Eye Shot)
Spells cast:

Where to get your Primer: Superior Private Assault: Troll Fugitives. Alternatively, take the Survival Guide warp to Wajaom Woodlands and zone into Halvung. The trolls are in Halvung, Map 1 (G-11)

Volume 2: Plantoids

Face off against a trio of Morbols:

TP Moves:
All foes:

Julika and Vivian:



  • Bad Breath - Front AOE Damage plus Blindness, Paralysis, Silence, Bind, Weight, and Poison to affected targets.

Spells cast:

Where to get your Primer: Yorcia Weald is full of plantoids from any waypoint or home point.

December 2018

Volume 1: Qutrub

Face off against the Bozzetto Bigwig and its summoned allies.

Like all Qutrub, the Bigwig and its allies take increased damage, but have very large health pools to compensate. At certain health percentages, the Bigwig will summon waves of allies in numbers dependent on the difficulty.[11] The fight ends as soon as the Bigwig is defeated.

Very Difficult:
Five allies are summoned:

Four allies are summoned:

Three allies are summoned:[12]

Two allies are summoned:

Very Easy:
One ally is summoned, and only one wave comes:[13]

Bozzetto Bigwig's abilities and spells used vary depending on its current HP total.

Passive Ability: Triple Attack.



  • Summons adds according to difficulty. Adds appear one at a time, always in alternating DRK -> BLM order. On higher difficulties the adds appear much more rapidly. Gains the following abilities:
  • Hex Palm - Single target Drain. Removes Information shadows.
  • Spinal Cleave - Single target physical damage. Absorbed by 1 shadow


  • Additional Effect: Death on normal melee swings. Triple Attack rate reportedly increases[14]. Gains the following abilities:
  • Unblest Jambia - Moderate AOE Drain, removes all shadows.
  • Gen'ei Ryodan - Front AOE Physical damage + Stun + Dispels 1 buff. Removes Information shadows.



  • Resummons all defeated adds (Except on Very Easy). Gains the following abilities, preferring Sontaku Daikyoyo and Unblest Jambia over any others:
  • Utsusemi: San, granting it 9 shadows.
  • Sontaku Daikyoyo (Very Difficult Only) - AOE drain to all targets in range. Amount drained based on % of current HP (~70%). Cannot drain more HP than targets have. Boss gains 100 times the total HP drained by this ability. Pierces shadows.
  • Genku Bakken - Powerful (33k) single-target physical hit + hate reset. Blocked by 1 shadow.[15]
  • Sontaku Kyoyo - Single target version of Sontaku Daikyoyo. Pierces shadows.
  • Triple Reversal - Only used when Bigwig is within range (20 yards or less)[16] of its allies. Deals damage relative to amount of damage taken by the Bigwig[17]. Its damage may not be mitigated in any way. As a one-shot mechanic, the only way to avoid this is to kite the adds during this phase, or to hold them far away and suppress their TP gain with Mewing Lullaby.

Bozzetto Tormenters don't cast any spells, but use the following abilities:

Bozzetto Astrologers spend most of their time trying to cast spells:

Where to get your Primer:

Volume 2: Arcana

Face off against the Iron Giant Ironclad Reoriginator

The main gimmick of the fight appears to be its use of Mode Change, used every minute or so. As an Iron Giant is has unique properties to its three types of auto attacks:

  • Type 1: Front sweep with sword. AOE Physical damage.
  • Type 2: Front vertical slash with sword. Cone-shaped physical damage + Stun
  • Type 3: Stomp: AOE Physical damage + Amnesia

Appears vulnerable to Thunder elemental damage in all phases.

Special Moves:

  • Mode Change: Every 60 seconds the Ironclad Reoriginator will shift between four separate "Modes" altering its remaining ability use and the types of damage it is vulnerable to[18]

Mode 1: Turbine Cyclone Mode

  • Takes considerably less physical and magical damage in this mode, but appears to take more physical damage from the front.
  • Turbine Cyclone: AOE Physical damage + Dispel (takes 2 buffs) + Knockback. Absorbed by Information shadows.
  • Ballistic Kick: Deals percentage based (~75%) damage + Knockback to a single target. Inflicts Encumbrance and resets hate.

Mode 2: Seismic Impact Mode

  • Will also now take extra damage from Wind elemental sources. Gains a potent Stoneskin in this mode.[19]
  • Seismic Impact: AOE Earth damage + Slow (overwrites Haste) + Partial hate reset + 15s Terror. Pierces shadows.

Mode 3: Scapula Beam Mode

  • Gains a Regain effect and will also now take extra damage from Dark elemental sources. A strong enough source of Dark elemental damage can force a mode change. [20]
  • Scapula Beam - AOE Thunder damage, all stats -100 for 30 seconds. Wipes shadows.
  • Eradicator - Wide AOE Magic damage + brief Weakness. Pierces shadows.

Mode 4: Arm Cannon Mode

Spells Cast:

  • None

Where to get your Primer:

  • Ru'Aun Gardens is crawling with arcana not far from a Survival Guide.
  • The Shrine of Ru'Avitau has a scattering of golems accessible from Home Point #1
  • Fei'Yin has a small clutch of Magic Pots on a long respawn timer near Home Point #1


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