«FFXI-Movie» Amanomurakumo

«FFXI-Movie» Amanomurakumo

Game Script

Amanomurakumo - Horlais Peak
You hear a voice from out of nowhere...

???: This day has finally come.

???: I am to be released to this world for the first time in an age.
Is this reason to celebrate, or despair...?

???: In any event...

Noillurie: What is going on here?

Noillurie: Ah, my successor has come.

Noillurie: I sought to master the way of the samurai, and traveled to the Far East for training. By the time I had gained the Amanomurakumo and returned to my home, the Great War had begun.

Noillurie: When I think on it, my life has been a long road of trials. But to see the arrival of my successor makes me feel that all has not been in vain.

Noillurie: You have my gratitude.
Farewell, Amanomurakumo...

???: ...

???: It has been a hard path to reach this point.

???: But your journey in the way of the samurai has just begun.
You have yet to attain perfection.
Let us continue your training...

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