Alter Egos are avatars of Vana'diel characters summoned by casting Trust Magic.
To start you off, completing Trust: Bastok, Trust: San d'Oria and Trust: Windurst, offered by the Trust Initiative NPCs, will unlock 10 Alter Egos' Ciphers.

Level and Attributes

The summoned alter ego’s level and attributes vary based upon the summoning player’s level and/or Item Level. For regular levels, alter egos do not level when the player does, so they have to be dismissed and resummoned to match. Item Level changes are reflected after a few seconds of delay, which may cause problems when using gear swap macros. Alter egos do not receive Reive Momentum bonuses.

Battlefield Participation

Alter egos can participate in the following battlefields, but must be summoned after entering the battlefield as of August 2014. Any alter egos summoned prior to entering vanish upon entry.


Rank 2 and Rank 5 Missions:

Nation-specific Missions:

Rise of the Zilart Missions:

Chains of Promathia Missions:

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Missions:

Wings of the Goddess Missions:

Seekers of Adoulin Missions:

Other Content:

Alter Ego Restrictions

Locations Where Trust Magic Cannot Be Used

  • Trust spells cannot be cast in cities, Limbus, Assault, Salvage, Meeble Burrows, and other areas where special battle content occurs (other than Reives, Campaign Battles, Abyssea and certain battlefields; battlefield use is limited; see previous section).
    • A message is displayed when attempting to call forth an alter ego in an invalid area.

Party and Alliance Restrictions

Players can now summon alter egos while in a party containing other players.

  • The summoning must take place after the party is formed.
  • If Level Sync is activated, all alter egos vanish and must be resummoned, so summon them after Level Syncing.
  • Only the party leader is able to summon forth alter egos.
  • Alter egos cannot be summoned in the first 120 seconds after forming a party.
  • Alliances cannot be formed when in a party comprised of both players and alter egos.
  • Parties cannot contain multiple alter egos of the same NPC.
    • This includes characters with multiple Trust spells (e.g., summoning Zeid II disallows summoning Zeid).

Number of Simultaneously Summonable Alter Egos

  • Up to three alter egos can be summoned once you unlock alter egos. This is bumped up to four after obtaining Key Item "Rhapsody in White", and five after obtaining Key Item "Rhapsody in Crimson".
  • Unlike pets and fellows, alter egos are considered party members. However, fellows still count against the 6 character party limit.

Summoning Multiple Copies of the Same Alter Ego

  • Only one alter ego version of any NPC with more than one Trust spell may be summoned at a time (such as summoning Zeid II disallows summoning Zeid).

Trust Spell Recast Time

  • Each Trust spell has its own recast time (which does not affect other Trust spell casting), and hence a given alter ego may not be re-summoned until the requisite amount of time has passed.

Summoning Alter Egos in Combat

  • Alter egos cannot be summoned (nor releasedVerification Needed) after the player has engaged and gained enmity in combat, except in Reives and Domain Invasion.

Dismissing Alter Egos

  • Alter egos vanish upon logging out, changing zones, being charmed by a monster, initiating a battlefield, or falling in battle.
  • Only Alter egos within a short range may be dismissed.
  • They may be dismissed manually by targeting with the cursor and selecting "Release" from the action command menu.
  • Outside of battle, alter egos can be individually targeted and dismissed with the text command /refa or /retr (short for "Release Faith" or "Release Trust").
  • Outside of battle, all alter egos can be dismissed as a group without targeting them using the text command /refa all or /retr all.

Macro Syntax


Per the December 11, 2018 update: "Alter egos have undergone the following adjustments.

  • The amount that strength contributes to damage has been increased.
  • The amount that dexterity contributes to accuracy has been increased.
  • The maximum accuracy of hand-to-hand weapons has been increased.
  • Alter ego offense/defense now obeys weapon type in the same way that players do."