Allied Ribbon of Glory.png

Allied Ribbon of Glory ∮∮∮∮
A tiny mythril medal attached to a
red and white ribbon. Awarded for
exemplary performance in campaign
operations. The most prestigious
ribbon obtainable.
Successful completion of three Campaign evaluations. Also requires 3,000 Allied Notes gained from Campaign Battles and/or Operations.

If no evaluation is completed within 30 days, or if you fail the examinations you take, the medal will disappear in 30 days and you will have to get a new one via a new examination.

Next medal = Bronze Star

See Medals for all the possible decorations obtainable from Campaign Battles.

Campaign Ops

This rank grants access to the following Campaign Ops.

Category Operation Nation Medal Needed Members Notes XP
Resource procurement

Stock and Awe II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 680 196
Supply transport

Vanguard-X II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1-6 700 200
Bridge Too Far I BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 varies varies

Streetsweeper II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 562 175
Steel Resolve II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 604 189
Supply manufacture

Crystal Fist II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 680 190
Offensive operations

Smokescreen II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 720 210
Defensive operations

Aegis Scream II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 804 251
Intel gathering

Hawk Eye II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 1 680 190
Military training

Brave Dawn II BSW Ribbon∮∮∮∮ 3-6 820 210
B = Bastok; S = San d'Oria; W = Windurst