Start NPC Peladi Shalmohr - Western Adoulin Mummers' Coalition (G-10)
Items Needed Key ItemTarutaru Sauce invoice
39,432 gil (optional)
Key ItemTarutaru Sauce receipt (optional)
Optional portion:
Vegetable Gruel
Title Granted Brygidesque Manager
Repeatable No
Reward 1000 Experience Points / Limit Points
Optional portion:
19,716 or 39,432 gil
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Must zone and wait for the next game day after completing previous quest.

  • Speak to Peladi Shalmohr at the Mummers' Coalition in Western Adoulin to begin the quest and receive a Key ItemTarutaru Sauce invoice.
  • NOTE: It's possible but STRONGLY ENCOURAGED NOT to bypass paying the vendors. The means to do so is obviously a leftover developer shortcut, so it may cause future complications. See below for details. You still have to complete the hat guessing game if you pay the vendors.
  • Travel to each of the vendors listed in the invoice and pay off Tarutaru Sauce's debt by trading the vendors the amount of gil owed.
    • Bakery: 19,440 Defliaa Western Adoulin I-11
    • Sweets Shop: 3,000 Hujette Western Adoulin H-9
    • Cafeteria: 5,600 Flapano Western Adoulin I-8
    • Cafe des Larnes: 4,560 Bernegeois Eastern Adoulin G-8
    • Fishmonger's Stall: 6,832 Malgrom Eastern Adoulin E-8
  • After paying all the vendors off, you obtain the Key ItemTarutaru Sauce receipt.
  • Return to Peladi Shalmohr at the Mummers' Coalition for a CS.
  • Next go to (J-11) and touch the Mischief Marker for a CS.
    • To bypass paying the tab, trade 1 gil to the marker. After the screen fades out, trade 2 gil to the marker to activate the CS.
  • During the CS, you select hats for Tuffle-Buffle to wear so that he can trick Minnifi Delqabba into giving out a free sample of food.
    • You must successfully trick Minnifi Delqabba five times to complete the quest.
    • There are five types of hats:
      • Costume:Ahriman cap, Egg helm, Pumpkin head, Snow bunny hat, Snowman cap
      • Beastman:Goblin coif, Orc helm, Qiqirn hood, Quadav barbut, Yagudo Headgear
      • Heavy:Gorney morion, Karieyh morion, Ogier's helm, Perle salade, Phorcys salade
      • Medium:Athos's chapeau, Aurore beret, Shneddick chapeau, Thaumas hat, Thurandaut chapeau
      • Light: Nares cap, Orvail corona, Rubeus bandeau, Teal chapeau, Weatherspoon corona
    • To successfully trick the Mithra, you must choose a type (among the list above) you haven't chosen before, and it must be at least two places from your previous choice. For example: 1, 3, 5, 2, 4.
      • Example: Egg helm, Perle salade, Teal chapeau, Quadav barbut, Thaumas hat
    • If you choose incorrectly and your disguise fails to fool Minnifi Delqabba, you must get Tuffle-Buffle a random food item which can be obtained from one of the vendors listed above.
      • If you're unsure where to go to get the item you can click on the Mischief Marker again and it will tell you where to go to get it (ex. Bakery).
  • Upon completion of the minigame, the quest is instantly completed and you receive 1000 EXP/limit points. Additionally, your management skill increases by 0.2!
    • If you chose not to pay the tab, the Key ItemTarutaru Sauce invoice stays in your inventory permanently and you cannot do the following steps.
  • After finishing the minigame, you can trade a Bowl of Vegetable Gruel to Westerly Breeze (I-5) at the Waterfront to obtain 19716 gil.
  • Alternatively, you can trade a bowl of Medicinal Gruel to obtain 39432 gil (double the amount from trading Vegetable Gruel).

Game Description

Peladi Shalmohr (Mummers' Coalition, Western Adoulin)
Peladi Shalmohr is about to burst at the seams from the tab Tarutaru Sauce has run up throughout the city, and has requested that you take care of it. The culprits are hiding somewhere in Western Adoulin...