Start NPC Chululu - Lower Jeuno (I-8)
Requirements Jeuno Reputation 5
Items Needed Tarut: Death
Tarut: Hermit
Tarut: King
Tarut: Fool
Title Granted Card Collector
Repeatable Yes
Reward 600 gil
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Collect Tarut Cards None


This quest has been added to increase the supply of Tarut Cards for Collect Tarut Cards. Completing All in the Cards does not serve any vital purpose.

  • Speak to Chululu to receive 5 copies of a random Tarut card.
  • Trade with other players to obtain one card of each type. The cards can also be purchased from players' bazaars.
  • Trade the four different cards to Chululu to receive 600 gil.
  • Chululu will distribute more cards to a player after one day (Earth time).

Game Description

Chululu (Fortunetellers, Lower Jeuno)
Collect the complete set of tarut cards by trading with your fellow adventurers, that you might help spread the joy and wisdom of fortune-telling across the realm.
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